7 Main Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks { Ultimate Guide }

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Blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea and we have to believe in that. Blogging requires hard work, dedication and consistency with proper SEO. If you are not able to invest your time and a bit of your income, your blog will not generate more revenues. Today, we will discuss some of the reasons why your blog sucks and doesn’t do well even after working so hard on it.

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Top Reasons why your Blog Sucks

Lack of focus on Contents

Many people don’t aware about the content on their websites and they try to generate more revenues out of it. Your blog will not do well if it doesn’t have quality contents. You need to focus on the niche of your blog. If you have a blog on Fitness, all the contents should be related to Fitness, workout, different types of exercises, nutrients etc. You should not write about mobile phones, entertainment and stuffs like that.

Blogging is not about overnight success

Blogging is easy to learn but you need to invest your time. You have to work hard to see success and it won’t be achieved in a day or a week. You need to work consistently on your blog. You have to search for more quality contents and that’s how your blog start doing well in the coming weeks.

Choosing the right Niche

Blogging is not about generating revenues anyhow, it is all about how passionate you are about the Niche of your blog. If you are passionate about Cricket, you should not run a Fashion blog. You should start a new blog about Cricket. Many of the blog owners don’t aware about choosing the right Niche and they end up with nothing.

Not promoting quality content

Many blog owners put the quality content on the blog and wait for the traffic which is not the right way. Blogging is all about quality of content and promotion. Over 70% traffic on your blog come from promotion whereas the 30% work done by the content. You should focus more on promoting your content.

Short-term target

If you have just started a blog and thinking of becoming a billionaire in a month, it’s not going to work. You will end up achieving nothing. You have to focus on step by step success. Set up small goals first and start working for them. Soon, you will gain more ideas of generation more revenues out of your blog and this is how you will be a billionaire.

Not consistent

Blogging is all about consistency in your work. If you don’t work consistently on your blog, you won’t achieve anything from it. The link of your work will be broken down and your blog would end up with no traffic and revenue. Make sure you have a proper schedule of every day’s work. Create a time-table or we can say to-do list and work on that. This should be your first duty after launching your blog. Without proper schedule and punctuation, you won’t get anything. You are wasting your time if you don’t have proper work schedule and to-do list for your blog.

Showing ads on new blog

Many bloggers start embedding different types of advertisements from the very first day of their blogs to generate revenue. Ads look like spam and many readers prefer not to click on to it. This way, you won’t get that reader back on your blog. If you are an established blog, only then you should show up the ads on your blog. First, you need to gain trust of the readers by the way you promote your content and provide them the required information. Try to attract the new users and convert them into subscribers. This is the Key to become a successful blogger in the industry.

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