Apps Like Kik | 12 Best Kik Messenger Alternatives

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Apps like kik are in the demand between the messenger lovers. In the modern world, people like to chat with their relatives and friends. So, they need some very good messengers to do that chat thing.

I think, if you are reading this content then you  know about the kik. You are here to find the best apps like kik or quality kik alternatives. There are many chatting apps like kik exist but You need only quality apps as kik alternatives. So, enjoy this article and find some texting apps like kik.

Most of the time that we have is spend on the talking to people that we are in contact of. It may be through audio calls, video calls or text messages.

When the mobile phones came into the limelight that scenario involved various plans for the text messages. People used to buy the plans that would suit them the best and contacted their friends or families with text messages.

Since everything now is occupies with internet, the method of texting or messaging too got changed. Now we are available with the plenty of sources for making our far sitting friends realize that we are alright.

apps like kik

What is KIK Used For

Kik messenger is one those messaging apps which allows its user to free text anyone and anywhere. It asks its user to get them registered without giving the information of their contact number. Just you have to register yourself and you are ready to send and receive the messages in text, audio, video, multimedia form.

As we all have the mind set of getting various options for a little thing, so in this field too we have a ample of alternatives available. Kik is sometimes regarded as an unsafe platform. If you too feel so, the article provides you a list of other alternatives that you can opt for in order to text through internet:

Apps LIke Kik Best Alternatives


Now if you are using the smartphones it almost next to impossible that you are unaware of this extravagant app. Whatsapp has gained enormous popularity among all the sections and age groups of people due to its easy approach and the fanciful features it applies.

The various smileys and gifs transfer has made the conversation on Whatsapp a pleasure. It even provides it user to go for audio and video calling with his/her contacts on the Smartphone’s. Whatsapp even provides all the possible security features and is easily available at the play stores of androids and iOS.


Wechat allows you to find your friends easily either through the Wechat id or through your registered mobile numbers.

Like many other messenger apps Wechat too provides you to express your word with various hilarious and amazing stickers. Being supported by almost all the androids, iOS and Windows, Wechat has become extremely popular among the huge group of population today. It is one of the most popular kik like apps being used in China.


Line is another very popular platform in the category of apps like kik for android for getting in touch with others even through the desktop you are using. Apart from sending messages, multimedia and making audio and video calls, line even allows you 2 important features of LINE OUT and LINE PAY.

Line out helps the user to make free calls for 5 minute anywhere around the world and Line Pay allows a secure and trusted payment modes. So join Line for enjoying the more interesting features of it for free.


This kik alternative is another image messaging apps like kik that is very much popular for the filters it provides to its users.

You can add short videos or image and edit them with the filters, additional texts, and drawings. Its updates included the feature of sending the direct messages to the friends and family.


This app like kik is the standard application in androids supported by Google. Hangouts allow you to send free messages, audios and videos online through the Gmail and Google+ websites.

All the multimedia you share is automatically uploaded upon the Google+ album. Yu can also perform the video conferencing with the amazing quality. In most of the androids it is already installed while the rest including the iOS users can download it from their respective stores. This kik alternative is one of the best in the list of chat apps like kik.


Another kik alternative for texting for free is IMO. Although it is not that popular, it has many interesting features in it, one of them is instead of tying the message by the keyboard you can write the sentence through your finger on the screen. You can even draw whatever you feel like and send to your contacts.


Hike is one of the very popular in messaging apps like kik table. it not only helps you to be in touch with your contacts but also helps you to get additional information like news updates, quiz, cricket and many more. This app recently has got an additional feature of hike wallet. Thus express your unexpressed words with the fun filled stickers through hike. Hike is supported by androids, windows and iOS.


Yet another messaging platform with a very familiar approach to Whatsapp. This app like kik too asks its user to get registered through the contact number and thus set them free from remembering any extra user-id and password.

This alternative users can contact any other person in their contact list of their phones involving phenomenal inventory of free and paid emoticons. You can even call the person who doesn’t use Viber by just paying a small amount of money. It is supported by androids, iOS and blackberry.

Facebook messenger:

We all are aware of the social media Facebook where we can share our views with million of people. The platform even provides you to message any of your friend or group of friends. It leads to a very interactive text messaging by incorporating various interesting stickers.

This app even has a very interesting feature in video calling in which user can use various masks for his/her face. Thus jut like Facebook, Facebook messenger is also a very effective app for being in touch with the fellow people, easily supported by your Smartphone.


Skype is very popular among people for the quality of video calling it provides for free. Apart from this users can send text messages too.

You can create your Skype account and unlike other apps in this before making a call you need to add the other person be asking them for the permission to get connected thus a additional security feature is provided by it. It can work easily upon the smartphone or on the PC.


Using Nimbuzz apart from sending the free messages nimbuzz even allows you to make free calls. Thus now you can share unlimited amount of information and can also make free calls using a single app. It also connects you to other IMs like Yahoo, Facebook etc. It is a free android application available for android usersand also a part of a league of apps like kik free.


Tango is one of the most useful apps for making international and domestic calls to any number in India, US, Canada and Mexico for free. Fro calling any other countries’ number tango charges a small amount of call rates. Apart from this it even allows you to send and share the messages, images, audios and videos.

You can add on various filters and masks while video calls in order to make the more interesting. So start a wonderful ride of contacting your friends and families through Tango by just downloading it from the app store of your phones for free. Also bookmark our site.

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