Machine Translation, Image Search and the Marketplace {eBay Api}

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While eBay is not popular as it was at its peak, it’s still one of the biggest players in the game and every time they make a dev-focused announcement, the Internet stops and listens.

In the last couple of months, the company added a ton of new developer-focused features to their shopping platform. Back in October last, they’ve introduced a new image-search tool that can help consumers find items using photos.

A few weeks ago, they’ve also expanded the image-search feature by adding a drag-and-drop function. But the company isn’t done, they are actually trying to build on this.

An Introduction to the New eBay API

Now, eBay is giving developers all over the world access to their image-search app. That means, the developers now have the ability to add this feature to their websites. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, it actually can completely change the world of e-commerce for good.

The API is very well-made – it seems like eBay’s developers followed the standard API designing guidelines with a lot of attention – and it’s certain that the API will have a huge user base in a short period of time. People have already started working with the API.

The first noticeable example we have is Wikibuy. The programmers that work for the price-comparison platform have already build a new visual search engine on top of eBay’s API. It now functions on both desktop and mobile devices as well.

How do Buy APIs Work?

Two years ago, the company unveiled a ton of new APIs that can help online sellers manage their eBay accounts and businesses using 3rd-party tools. However, the new “Buy APIs” enable the users to open up their inventory without actually accessing the website at all.

And eBay is now continuing to further this plan by allowing developers to curate, surface and mirror the company’s inventory at scale. All of this can be done through a handy API feed, which enables the users to store a number of items on their site.

It seems like eBay is trying to reestablish their dominance in the e-commerce market by allowing more and more users to build on top of their platform. These APIs allow merchants to stay up-do-date without any changes being made to the eBay platform.

Final Thoughts on eBay APIs

And this is not the end – the company actually recently announced that they are going to expand the reach of their new APIs. In fact, they are planning to expand to the German and UK market before the year ends. If you’re developer, you should definitely pay more attention to the news in the next couple of months to find out what eBay got in store for you.

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