How To Secure Your Personal Profile In 3 Easy Steps

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Let’s admit it social media is currently one of the biggest phenomena that have impacted the world, not just in terms of information technology but in every aspect of everyday living. It has built bridges across the world that people could not have thought of decades ago and has now become a reality.

No matter where you are in the world, from a small office of an IT consultancy in Virginia to a large scale operational managed IT services Virginia Beach, social media’s reach does not discriminate anyone or anything.

However, one of the most vulnerable access points and one that is often neglected is social media, where it has the power to reach out to people all over the world. It is in itself a big risk factor.

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), identity thieves stole no less than $5.8 billion in 2014 via the agency due to fraudulent returns. The suspects used random social security numbers to file tax forms under any particular person unlucky enough to have that number.

In the same year, more than 1 billion records of American consumers have been leaked and have all experienced some sort of fraudulent transactions using their identities. Recent studies have shown that many victims of identity theft have been active in social media platforms, which served as the gateway for hackers to steal information or gained access to people’s personal profiles.

Steps To Secure your personal profile

Here are three important steps you need to take to avoid getting victimized by identity thieves and protect your online profiles secure.

Take extra precaution

Being active in social media is a satisfying and even provide lucrative options, however, the more direct and extended networks that you have, the greater the risks of your information either stolen or cloned.

Take heed in making sure you choose your network participants wisely and judiciously. It may not be totally fool-proof, but it does reduce your chances of having your identity stolen.

Think before you click

There will always be risks involved, but it is best to always make sure that you do not get to wantonly click any unsolicited or random links that you find posted in your notifications. It could be a suspicious link attached to a worm or malware that could provide hackers with access to your mobile device or laptop computer.

Choose wisely

Make sure to choose your contacts or friends judiciously. It always pays to know who you are dealing with or who might be able to see your public posts.

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It does not hurt to maintain a closed group of network since in the long run, it can greatly reduce the risks of someone getting access to your online profile or hack into your system.

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