Putlockers New Site And 12 Best Sites Like Putlocker 2018

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Putlocker is known as a platform who provide the movies and shows streaming that is released on TV or Silver screen. However, Due to the availability of content that is made by other productions make it an unstable option in the streaming world. So, These reasons force to the administrator’s to start more putlockers new site on the internet. You are here for the same aspect of putlockers new site 2018 available in the present on the internet.

Putlocker is timeliness for the automated generation to foster them with the reactionaries to enjoy films online. I presume you savored Putlocker essentially the fundamental ingredient of movie and shows streaming on the internet. Putlocker today choice can help you to the updated version of the present site.

There is a receptacle occupied from the sites like Putlockers subsist with a broad assortment of documentaries and series’s episodes. Online film and TV series are indeed obliged corporeality of delight for new epoch proletariat.

Putlocker Today

Hence front I will divulge wherein why putlocker is remarkably widespread in online entertainment streaming perplexity. You perceive cruising benefits with the site as movies, TV series, Release dates, categorize to style and others settings.

There are users equivalent to this seat because it’s profoundly fertile and eminent pattern. In this putlocker site, you discern a highly friendly and optimized quest tribunal to expose secluded video data like unblocked movies free and more.

putlocker today

Putlocker asks registrants before its appraisal. In some regions in the atmosphere, this section is not statutory to locate. Therefore, In this illustration, you can practice my acquisition of websites like putlocker for your profits.

Nowadays there is a drift of seeing online movies but the utmost of the faction does not propose watching free online movies or the collection on the websites where the videos are provided for lax is not ample. The choicest benefit from online movie lovers was putlocker.today.

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Putlockers New Site

Putlockers or putlocker both are similar stuff and these both websites are handled by the same team of people. So, things connected with putlockers also mean for the putlocker.

I think you are looking for the same phrase for a long time in various places, but it is not easy to get them online nowadays. However, I cover the exact result that matches the answer of the putlockers new site.

There are many putlocker version on the market, but I will discuss only those who are impressive and helpful for you people. Some versions are very new for the people, and some are a little bit older, but the central aspect is that they all are working for movie streaming.

putlockers new site

So, folks, I am going to introduce you with the best putlockers new site, or you can consider them as putlocker alternatives in your mind’s library.

1#. Putlocker9

Putlocker9 is the first version that came online after the putlockers down, and it is exactly same in the specifications to the putlocker website. You can watch the new movies, old flicks and tv series that are running now on the television. This option is quite impressive in case of the putlockers new site and serving well for the people.

Putlocker9 website’s user interface has existed in the green color similar to the old putlockers website. You can choose any movies or show from the trending option and slider can help you to get the latest content in a click.

In the present, putlocker9 also has some mirrors or similar places on the internet. So, choose the right one after checking the status of the website.

2#. Putlocker.is

Putlocker.is is also a choice that people can opt over the main putlocker site. The reason behind is that it looks same, works same and provides the same values and video files. It is a pretty good choice for the people who are interested in HD quality and want to find some movies that are released in 70’s or 80’s.

putlocker is

Putlocker.is keeps some fantastic stuff in his box for people who want to watch documentaries and anime shows on their mobile or laptop device. You can get an extended range of animation’s that will help you to relive your childhood again.

3#. Putlocker123

Putlocker123 is the little bit different in design as compared to other putlocker alternatives. You can feel it after the website URL that is given at the start of this paragraph. This putlocker new site keeps approx. Zero ads that can be quite handy for people who are not using adblocker.


Putlocker123 looks quite clean and a simple website as compare to previous versions. You will get four option there, and they are movies, TV shows, premium, and genres. Through Home page, you can only reach the latest flicks that are recently released in the theaters.

4#. Potlocker

Potlocker is also used as a putlocker alternative, and it also justifies its presence. Any User can access the valuable movie data into the free, and that will also help you to pass your alone time.

Potlocker website is a default version for putlocker website, and that is created at the same time when the main website is launched. It came into the picture after putlockers down and thats why people are saying it is a putlockers new site. However, In real meaning, we can say that it is put lockers mirror.

is Putlocker Safe

Putlocker is not safe to use in many countries and some, it does not matter. So, The answer to this query depends on your location. If you are using a virtual private network, then you do not need to fear about.

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In many countries where copyright is a bigger crime, in these locations, you can not use the putlockers new site or putlocker site. However, It can cause you some legal problems. If you do not belong to such kind of areas, then leave this question and move forward.

Top 12 Best Sites Like Putlocker Or Alternatives

Numerous lads in my group divulge about several putlocker alternatives to mark after for my joy.

I reviewed sites like Putlockers or putlocker manually, and obtain some grand conclusion after it. So forthwith In content as quoted ahead, I will accord full particulars about these sections alike to Putlocker.

However, Putlockers is officially dead now. Forthwith you demand to explore other prospects to watch online movies. So to ease your search we have brought you a list of top 12 alternatives of the putlocker website.

1) BMovie

BMovie is the chief title as an alternative to Putlocker in my glass of sites like putlocker. This option was earlier identified as fMovies alternative also hence please don’t be obscure, but the hallmarks are nevertheless one of the choices. It includes one of the most boundless acquisitions of movies from over 37 lands.

Thousands of cinematic repositories on Bmovie are bifurcated in multiple levels which present it cautiously for people to sort videos. Indeed though its headliner is changed, it persists tall at number 1 on the websites like putlocker platform.

2) CosmoTube

This putlocker alternative is innovative online movie websites wherever you take the high definition or considered movies were outwardly filling single copper including the downloading right. No enrollment is required on this website.


You can order the videos on Cosmotube by following diverse categories, release date, celebrity, etc.

3) Alluc

Alluc has constructed conversely from recent sites like Putlocker. Its interface and configuration are what does it solely.

This putlocker like the site is comparable to a search engine where you can search, unlike movies after transcribing on a search bar. You can find virtually all the video folders here, and alluc is one of the usual stylish of its kind.

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4) NewMoviesOnline

NewMoviesOnline is a fascinating website to watch movies on your mobile data. Either you arrange choices, search or inspect your diaphanous content. The user can gush its theater externally downloading them yet if you are not cooked an account on this website.

NewMoviesOnline additionally stores the adroitness to search movies in alphabetical order. Habitually, as the alias infers; this putlocker alternative grants the strictest data accumulation of modish cinematic videos in HD feature.

5) MovieNoLimit

As the moniker advises, MovieNoLimit extends unlimited play on its gateway. On this alternative, you can run shorts live outwardly fulfilling your booking and without adjusting any fee.


All the upcoming updates can be seen on this website. This website offers you TV shows along with movies.

6) MyDownloadTube

It is added one for brand-new online film providers who are endeavoring live streaming media and tube programs. MyDownlaodTube along with movies also provides a few games to be downloaded on your PC.

This Putlocker alternative is ready in seven different kind languages, and you can search on this website according to categories as well. You receive full information about the show night and its star cast, filmmakers, etc.

You can formulate an record on mydownlaodtube by engaging up through social media websites like Facebook, Google Plus, etc. This selection bears some most meaningful feature that places it in movie sites like putlocker box.

7) 123MoviesHub

123MoviesHub is a superior free movie supplier in the division of other sites like putlocker where you can access movies based on various kinds such as sports drama, thriller, adventure, horror, Science fiction, etc. You can efficiently reach the movie files by clicking on the download button.


This webpage offers you numerous type of further services like quality and HD video content, friendly navigation bar and some others. In my verdict, you must appreciate this website like 123Movies for your flashes.

8) SeeHd

The best service about SeeHD is that accompanying with the vast range of cinematic database; it sustains facility to watch the trailer for the movie before accessing it online.

Even you can view the trailers or teaser clips of games on this webpage. It features direct intelligence search for your great experience.

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9) LosMovies

LosMovies is mainly for those users who want to watch HD streaming without spending a penny. This movie place offers the best in quality movies.

10) Watchfree.to

Watchfree.to website is using to get the free movie online on the modern devices. It is providing the same values similar to putlocker, and that is increasing its presence on the people’s browser history.

Watchfree.to website is professionally made and contains the lots of information on however over the thumbnail of the movie title. There is a search option in the header of the watchfree to website and people can reach their content by using the selection of genre or country.

watchfree to

TV series collection of watch free.to is pretty impressive for people and they can enjoy some old and popular series on this website.

11) Solarmoviez.to

Solarmoviez.to is an impressive alternative to the putlocker. To the website and that is useful for a particular kind of people. This website is a working mirror of the solarmovie webpage that is also serving the people for movies, tv shows, anime, cartoons and many more.

solarmoviez to

When you open the website by the given website address, you can see the lots of movie link that will help you to reach the video files of your favorable title. You can sort movie and tv shows list by the terms like top IMDB, most watched and some more.

12) Afdah.org

Afdah.org looks like a search engine of movies where you can find videos that now running or released in the present year. It is also launched by the people who are behind the putlocker website. To understand it, you can see a tab name putlocker on the Afdah org website.

This website is known for the quality content, and you can check it after spending time on this site. I also consider it for putlockers new place because of the ownership of similar people.

afdah org

To watch movies and series, you can click on any thumbnail that keeps the related title to your thought.


So this was our list of top 12 streaming sites like putlocker for watching movie files. Hope you like it. Keep visiting us for more such exciting information.

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