4 Ways CRM Software Can Help You Create Better Marketing Campaigns

CRM is a modern way that companies use to interact with customers and prospects. Short for customer relationship management, CRM software helps companies to improve customer service by organizing as well as tracking all their communications.


It is therefore imperative that any company that is interested in improving customer engagements together with the experience their customers get from engagement with their businesses must integrate CRM software? If you have been wondering what is CRM for a long time, now you know that it is a customer relationship management tool that involves the use of technology to synchronize, organize and automate business processes. The processes that are supported by CRM include but are not limited to marketing campaigns, sales, technical support and customer service.

But what is CRM in marketing? It supports all leads attraction and marketing campaigns of a business. In this article, we will focus on the few ways you can use CRM to deliver better marketing campaigns.

Recycle The Blueprint

Businesses spend much time and money trying to start over processes from scratch when it is more rewarding to find what works and then recycling that over again. This is another area CRM works magically to leverage your business and help you decide what works best.

By analyzing all your marketing campaigns, CRM software will help you review and decide which campaigns produced the best results. Once this is established, the best performing campaigns can be replicated and the trends used over and over to improve your results.

The result is lead conversion rates go up while your marketing cists go down. Good for your company? That is what CRM does for your business.

Focused Targeting

Many entrepreneurs find it very difficult to target relevant customers for improved leads to attraction or customer experiences. However, with the increase in competition and the rise in internet marketing, you need to send clear and appealing campaign messages to potential customers only. This is the only way your business will save on marketing budgets while delivering results that improve sales and revenue for the business.

The good news is that CRM software does just that. It sifts through your leads and customer contacts and targets only those that are likely to buy and are profitable to your business. On the other hand, marketing CRM software contains a huge lot of information that is related to customer behavior, preferences, past buying trends and more, which makes it easier for you to make informed decisions to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Personalized Content

The first step should be to identify the customers or leads that you intend to target. Once you select these contacts, segment them into meaningful groups and individualize every marketing message you intend to send.

With these personalized contents, therefore, it means your marketing teams will no longer need to address any of your audiences with the general “Dear customer”.

Because your CRM software has the right information about the customer, which means contact, name and even location, your marketing messages will be addressed to identified individuals with their names on the address line. This is not just impressive, but it also indicates to your customers that you know them by name.

In addition to knowing them by name, you can also quote the companies they work for! All this information can be collected by CRM marketing and you don’t have to worry about knocking on doors to ask about who works where. Not to mention that understanding whether the customer you are addressing is man or woman, top manager or an ordinary salesperson will greatly heighten the content you deliver in order to get all the attention you need from them.

Now with all this information, you can easily turn around your customers by just passing relevant information, offering a few important suggestions or just shaping your communication in a way that perfectly suits the customer you target.

Remember, the more personalized your contents are, the more you are likely to get higher response rates and improved brand perception. All these culminate in increased revenue for your business.


The marketer in any business should be in a position to use the CRM system to observe and monitor common trends in markets and customer behavior before they beat the markets to offer anything.

Market reviews or trend monitoring should help the marketers to segment by job roles, industry, age, company size and many more key market segments. On the other hand, they also need to segment markets based on the responses they get, recent activities, personal likes, personal dislikes, e-mails opened, products that are purchased, social media activity and emails that are replied to.

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