5 Surprising Things Great Managers Do

Being an effective manager is easier said than done. Learning how to build a strong team that works well together and individually takes practice and a certain personality type. If you want to take your management style from good to exceptional, consider adopting these five behaviors.

 Cultivate a Team Atmosphere

 No matter how good employees are as individuals, a team can’t be effective if they don’t mesh well. It’s up to a manager to build a team of talented individuals and help each team member play to their strengths, working in tandem with the others. Tom Haughton, Vice President of Winnipeg’s My Place Realty, believes that “As a leader or entrepreneur, you should be able to put together a team that works well together, works to their individual strengths, and believes in the business’s values.” Managers are responsible for setting the tone of positivity and teamwork to ensure their employees produce the best results for themselves and the organization.

 Give Honest Feedback

 Sometimes managers hide their true feelings from their teams to “keep the peace” in their work environment. However, honesty and transparency shows employees that you respect them. Whether you are giving harsh feedback during a performance review or discussing sensitive subjects with a company-wide scope, set a standard of honesty for yourself and encourage your employees to do the same.

According to entrepreneur and investor John Rampton, “After breaking down these barriers, future difficult conversations with employees will become easier.  As a manager, being able to talk honestly with employees is also a way to make daily life easier and more enjoyable.”

 Encourage Growth

 In a results-driven workplace, some managers may place too much value on the quantity of work getting done. However, every good manager understands that their team members are individuals with career goals and aspirations. As a manager, it’s important to encourage your employees to grow and develop rather than staying stagnant. Acknowledging progress and improvement over sheer numbers also boosts morale.

 Stay Calm

 If their manager is stressed out, their team will likely feel the pressure, too. Great managers know that their mood directly affects their employees, so staying calm under pressure is key. You should be emotionally resilient, cope well with change, and behave respectfully in the face of challenges.

 Care About Their Team Members

 Every employee has a life outside of work. When a manager takes the time to get to know their team as individuals, the work environment is much more open and enjoyable. Regularly checking in with each team member about their professional and personal lives shows that you don’t just view them as worker bees.

“Having a good manager is essential, like breathing. And if we make managers better, it would be like a breath of fresh air,” says Michelle Donovan, Director of People Operations at Google. Follow these tips and you will foster a productive, pleasant work environment for you and your team.

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