6 Things to Consider Before Choosing A PPC Agency

Choosing a PPC agency requires businesses to exert due diligence by vetting the agencies in question. It’s not just the responsible way to go about the process,  but also the best way to really ensure the best possible return on investment. But what might you consider before choosing a PPC agency? This article looks at several factors that help businesses choose a marketing agency that does the job. 


  1. Setting Specific Goals and Expectations


The top PPC agencies set goals and specific targets for each campaign. They want to know what a business needs and clearly understand its goals and how they might look in terms of key metrics. A PPC agency should be able to identify the number of leads, sales, or conversions a business desires, agree on these numbers, and then outline specific goals that align with the expectations of the business. According to Digital Authority Partners, this often separates the wheat from the chaff, because specific goals and expectations are a clear sign of transparency.


  1. What is “Strategy” Exactly?


Strategy is a word that often gets thrown around, but what exactly does it entail in a PPC context? Most people seem to get strategy wrong, and businesses should only consider agencies that go into detail about what strategy entails. This should come easily for a PPC agency as every campaign differs from the next. For instance, they might talk in-depth about paid ads on search because the business requires quick traffic and leads. Alternatively, the agency might outline a strategy for social media because this type of PPC ad is more affordable and a better option for getting the most out of the available budget.


But that’s just part of the story…


What will the keyword strategy entail? What social media platforms will they focus on? How will they measure performance and progress? Will there be changes to this strategy along the way?


The above are examples of some questions you should ask before choosing a PPC agency.


  1. Sufficient Skills and Experience


Skills and experience enable the best PPC agencies to outperform their peers. Agencies not only consist of a team of specialists, they also have access to a pool of talent that can maximize the potential and return on investment of a PPC campaign.


Here are a few examples of how they utilize this skill/talent:


– Researching the best and most relevant keywords.

– Protecting the budget by bidding for keywords effectively.

– Identifying competitor gaps and opportunities in the market.

– Compiling high quality ad copy that converts.

– Designin stunning visuals that demand attention.

– Deploying A/B testing to identify the most effective PPC ads.


The best PPC agencies know how to focus on what works best and avoid common pitfalls that slow down the process. They have the necessary skills to get the job done right and they know the best way forward based on a wealth of first-hand experience. 


  1. Commitment to Reports and Results


Does the PPC agency commit to weekly or monthly reporting? It could be a red flag for hiring a marketing agency. Regular reporting is the only way a business can see the extent of progress, and it’s also a sign of transparency that helps instill a sense of trust. You should know the metrics that will be included in this report and how they align with objectives. Click-through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC) are examples of such metrics.


As mentioned earlier, setting goals is a sign of transparency, and a commitment to regular reporting can help bolster a sense of trust. You should expect assurance in this regard, knowing that your PPC agency is committed to the results.


  1. Reviews and Portfolio of Previous Client Success


What type of clients does the agency currently work with? Can they produce a portfolio of work that illustrates their previous success? Do they have good online testimonials and reviews? You should absolutely look and ask for this kind of information. Any PPC agency worth their salt will make it available to you. It should also be clear that some agencies don’t manage the campaign, merely acting as a shell for other marketing teams. This means they sell the services but then outsource every aspect of the campaign to a third-party marketing business.


  1. Clear Pricing and Budgeting


Most businesses that fail at PPC advertising lose their way due to poor budgeting. This is why agencies emphasize the bidding process for keywords and make changes to eliminate ads that provide too little return. Businesses should also look to work with PPC agencies that they can afford. Agencies require a monthly management fee along with the actual budget for the ad campaign. You need to ask about this fee and ensure you can afford every aspect of what the PPC agency offers.


Final Thoughts


It can be easy to miss red flags and wind up in a situation that falls short of expectations. If you don’t “feel” like the PPC agency you’re meeting with is a good fit, that’s a good reason to look elsewhere. 


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