9 Accessories You Must-Have For Your Smartphone

Smartphones serve as the center of our daily errands. This is one of the multi-purpose products of an advanced technology that allows us to communicate, socialize, take pictures, or even shop.  Hence, with its vital role in making our life convenient, it is necessary to have the right accessories for your mobile phones to make it ready for any circumstances. Below are the must-have accessories you should consider to reach the full potential of your mobile phone.

Ring Holder or Stand

This is one of the best mobile accessories you must have that lets you take selfies conveniently. It also allows you to place your device anywhere you want, which is helpful when you are watching movies on your phone. Thus, you don’t have to hold the device for the entire hours of watching your favorite film.

Screen Protector

Whether it is made from tempered glass or plastic, a screen protector is necessary to protect your mobile phone from possible damage. Most of our mobile gadgets come at great prices. Hence, it should be secured at any cost to conserve its value.

Protective Case

There are possible risks of using our mobile gadgets. Dropping your phone can cause damage from both the internal or external of your device. Thus, it should always be protected with a protective case to minimize or avoid possible risks. From gel case to hardened case, there are many selections you can choose from that are available in the market.


Whether you love k-pop, pop-rock, or jazz, listening to different music becomes a part of our daily routine. Music conveys a lot. You can relate from the lyrics, makes you chill, or even helps you to move on from your heart-gripping heartbreak. Thus, it is essential to have yourself an earphone or headset for the best music experience.

MicroSD Card

Our phone holds a lot of our essentials. It is one of the useful gadgets where we store memories. A MicroSD card gives you numerous benefits if your smartphone can’t hold all of your files, videos, music, and pictures. There are trustworthy MicroSD card brands available in the market, such as Transcend, SanDisk, and Sony. These allow you to experience its 8GB to 512GB storage space.

Gaming Controller

Who doesn’t want a full gaming experience from their mobile device? Everybody loves that, especially when staying at home. A gaming controller device is best for those passionate gamers who want to have full access to the game using only this single device. All of those mobile games that need high Actions Per Minute (APM) such as Mobile Legends, Rules of Survival, and Arena of Valor can be entirely played with a gaming controller device.

Power Bank

Without any questions, this is one of the accessories you should always bring wherever you go for battery-life purposes. Power banks designed to be portable. Meaning, this is best for travel when you didn’t bring the phone charger with you.

OTG Flash Drive

Aside from a microSD card, an OTG flash drive is also a great option to store your photos, videos, and files without any hassle. This is a portable device that allows you to access all of your data or documents without booting up your laptop or desktop.

Monopod or Tripods

Monopods are best for mobile users who like to take pictures or videos using their mobile devices to get more landscape. Tripods are commonly used for night photography while monopods are for taking selfies or group selfies while also capturing the scene.

Cleaning Cloth

There are mobile phone users who disregard this, but actually, a cleaning cloth is also an essential item for any mobile phone. This is especially best for phones that are prone to smudges and fingerprints, which keeps it look clean and shiny.


These accessories listed are not just for protection, but they also add beauty to your smartphone. Take phone cases, for example, aside from protecting your phone from possible damage; it also gives your phone some great aesthetics.

OTG and microSD cards are not just for making extra storage space, but it also serves to protect your essential files or documents and conserving it for future use. These accessories maximize the full potential of a single mobile device.

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