Advantages of at-home lab testing

At-home lab testing services are a safe, easy and convenient way for you to have your blood or and any other laboratory sample collected in your home, workplace or at a location of your choosing, at a time that’s appropriate for you.
Over the last few years, the field of clinical research has seen considerable development and transformation: the healthcare landscape is changing. Additionally, due to global health concerns with the COVID-19 pandemic, the increasing use of at-home testing protocols has allowed considerable clinical research to continue remotely. Is it the way forward?

home lab testing

Adapting to the need for a more socially distance approach, patients are kept away from clinics as much as possible. That’s why the field of clinical research has planned up a bunch of strategies to avoid on-site visits and promote remote clinical analysis.

The advantages of this kind of procedure are substantial. The adaptation is part of a wide effort made by clinical analysis Marbella to help identify the resources and logistics needed for at-home testing.


 Traditional clinical analysis sometimes involves multiple visits to the laboratory that can cause stress and irritation: patients who don’t drive or are too sick to drive, or even those who dislike or are afraid of laboratories or hospitals.

Also, for busy-profile patients, who can’t miss work, on-site visits usually confer a disruption in their schedules and activities.

In that sense, remote-based testing makes that process faster and more efficient, particularly when it comes to certain classes of studies that are especially well suited to this approach, such as blood routine analysis.


For patients with more complex health conditions, such as morbid obesity, multiple sclerosis or degenerative disease, attending a health unit with long waiting times can lead to stress, anxiety and even pain.

On the other hand, with at-home clinical services they can receive a more personalized approach, better-targeted and without having to spend hours on the queue to see a doctor.

The staff of Private medical clinic Marbella  is skilled in taking at-home samples and they do it painlessly, to make the process as simple and quick as possible.

It should be noted that the logistics regarding the implementation of remote lab tests involve several considerations for clinicians. That’s why the staff must be very careful:  the challenge is making sure to preserve the integrity of samples during the journey from home to the lab.

What about the results? 

Once the samples are taken, the clinic often sends them to an outside partner laboratory – the supplier – to wait for the results. Most clinics send the results within 24 hours, or as soon as they have them.

Clinics also provide follow-up by phone or telemedicine, to get treatment or support from experts, with personalised information to ensure you fully understand your health situation.

Furthermore, online access to the results are always available. You can access your personal report at any time. No more chasing doctors for your results.

The transition from traditional on-site lab tests to a remote approach with at-home models takes advantage of the latest health developments. All signs suggest that home-based testing is here to stay and will play an important role to move towards a decentralization approach of medicine.

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