Best Apps to Equip a Mobile Workforce With

Do you ever wonder if you’ve given your mobile workforce the tools they need to get the job done when out in the field? Maybe you’ve provided a company vehicle, a mobile phone, laptop and other equipment or tools of the trade, but is that enough? Actually, that mobile phone can play a critical role in key areas of each person’s day with the right apps loaded on those devices. Wondering what they are? Here are some of the best apps to equip a mobile workforce with no matter what industry you are in.

An Interactive Weather Map

The one common element of a mobile workforce is the fact that they are out and about on the roads. Sometimes they need to follow the weather so that they aren’t driving into unsafe weather patterns and other times they need to know if a job can be completed based on current weather conditions.

The easiest and safest way to equip your mobile workforce with a weather app is to use a set of tools that work with Google Maps to give them superimposed real-time data on maps they chart in that app. With an Aeris interactive weather map SDK (software development kit) your tech team can use the kit to create a weather app that calls up Google Maps in real time as needed, to work with the weather app they’ve created for your team.

In terms of safety, there’s nothing quite as important for a mobile team than being aware of the weather.

File Sharing with Dropbox

There was a time when mobile workers literally dreaded returning to the office because of all the files they’d have to sort and get to the appropriate departments. From invoices to be filed to work orders to be completed, the paperwork was a never-ending task.

Now those files are easy to share with departments back at the office. Simply scan them or take a picture with a mobile phone and leave them in Dropbox. Different folders can be set up so that daily, or hourly, departments check their folders for work to be completed or filed for the mobile team.

Some mobile workforces no longer even report in daily because of file-sharing systems like Dropbox which makes them much more efficient out in the field.

Don’t Forget to Send HR to the Cloud

Finally, HR no longer needs to stress about staying in touch with those mobile workers if you use a mobile HR app based in the Cloud. One suggestion would be an app like BambooHR that is based in the Cloud and set up to do everything from enabling workers to message with each other or the home office, keeping track of daily tasks or schedules.

The HR department can track hours worked and even communicate with the team if there are any questions which need an urgent response. Everything is in real time and by the time the work week ends, most of HR’s paperwork is ending as well – that’s right, in real time!

With the right apps developed for your workforce, you will find that they are able to do more with less. That goes a long way toward growing profitability for your company but also gives your team the tools they need to get the job done.

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