Best Game Tablets for Seniors in 2020

In 2020, being old is no longer a legitimate reason to keep oneself away from tech devices and gadgets. Gone are the days when technology and innovative devices would only appeal to the younger population. The use of wearable technologies like GPS trackers, health and fitness monitoring gadget, and smart phones by seniors is not uncommon. However, for the past few years, the demand for the tablet for seniors has gone up. The popularity of tablets is evident from the 2017 report by Pew Research that showed one in three seniors in the US used or owned a tablet.

Playing video games and cognitive fitness activities is one of the most preferred ways for a senior to spend their time on the tablet. So, we have pulled out a list of some of the best game tablets for aging adults.

1#) Apple iPad Air (2019)

The Apple iPad Air(2019) features a sleek design, user-friendly interface, and top-class performance. The tablet is lightweight and slim, making it an apt choice of device for seniors with dexterity and other issues. The user can make adjustments to the screen brightness and color through an in-built color adjustment feature. This allows for optimum viewing to even those who have vision impairment. The iOS software fitted in the tablet is easy to use. The tablet can be operated using fingertips. Speaking of the screen size, it has a 10.5-inch display with vibrant and cleat picture quality. The pad enables video calling video streaming and endless sessions of online games and activities.

2#) The Birdsong Tablet

The Birdsong tablet is a complete game tablet for seniors that comes with enhanced cognitive fitness activities. The brand offers the pad in a 10-inch display and 15-inch display variations and is loaded with features like video calling, video streaming, navigation, and much more. The tablet runs on an android system that makes it easy to use by even those with little or no exposure to technology. Seniors who are anxious about using the technology can comfortably navigate through the tablet and spend endless hours playing games. The pad is designed to enhance the mental health and fitness of the senior users as well as offer than a platform to themselves engaged. Besides games and videos, the tablet can be used to make video calls, share pictures and images, watch old TV shows, surf the internet, and much more. The tablet has over 8000+ digital content, all curated, keeping in mind the needs of aging seniors.

3#) Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is an alternative to the iPad Pro 10.5. If you are more comfortable using the android operating system, you can go for this tablet. The tablet comes with an S pen and can be easily transformed into a mini laptop. The tablet has a touch screen making it usable for seniors with limited dexterity. However, one can buy the keyboard separately. The tablet has long battery life to support endless hours of video streaming, game sessions, internet browsing, video calling, and much more.

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