5 Best Legal & Free Movie & TV Shows Streaming Sites

Talking about the best legal streaming sites, TheVore is one on the list for sure. Everyone loves free movies.

However, it could lead you to a serious legal issue if you pick an illegal source to watch movies for free. We do need good movies so we need to support the creators.

But here we want to talk about the places to stream movies and TV shows legally for free.

#1 The Vore

The first streaming site on the list is TheVore. Here you can find movies you like and stream them for free.

When you head to its home page, you will see several groups of movies and TV shows along with their categories and reviews. This can be touted as one of the best sites to stream hi-quality movies and TV shows for free and legally.

#2 Popcornflix

The next name we have on the list is Popcornflix. This site has an ample selection of free movies.

Other than that, the categorized sections are named with fun such as Date Night, Old School Cool, Staff Picks, and Popcornflic Originals. In case you need something that feels more regular, you can go with that too.

Action movies, dramas, foreign films, documentaries up to movies sorted by the countries can also be found on Popcornflix. Don’t know what to stream? Try the “most popular” section.

#2 The Roku Channel

The Roku is commonly used for streaming in smartphones and other portable devices. However, now you can access the website through The Roku Chanel.

You need to create an account before using the entire service and features of this site. After that, you can pick any movie you want to watch and click Play.

Besides legal, the collections are mostly available in HD quality. Captions are available and you can turn them off if you don’t want to.

#3 Vudu

Are you looking for tons of movie collections for free? Vudu is the next place you should visit.

You can find movies from different categories such as crime, action, sci-fi, anime, comedy, and so on. Some new movies are also available to stream online – you can access this section through the “new movies” tab.

You don’t need to pay for subscriptions but you may watch movies with ads. Still, this offer is better than nothing, right?

Ads you’ve watched during the movie help the websites to fully supply the viewers with hi-quality content every day.

#4 Tubi

Tubi contains a vast selection of free tv shows and movies to stream. A lot of genres are available so you can pick one according to your current mood. Again, if you are unsure what to watch, you can simply head to the “most popular” tab.

#5 Sony Crackle

Last but not least, we have Sony Crackle. Just like other streaming sites on this list, you can watch the movie according to its genre. Old movies are also widely available on this site.

Not sure what to watch? You can read the full synopsis of each movie in the first place. And these are other legal streaming sites other than TheVore

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