7 Best Photo Editor Tools In 2018 For Designers

Nowadays everybody has a camera either on his cell phone or they may have a DSLR. No matter whatever tool you are using, you just need some good photo editor tools to make your photo looks appealing and attractive.

There are a various photo editor tools available in the market and the user always remains in confusion and cannot decide which one to buy. So, a research was done to find the best photo editor tools in 2018 and the following photo editor tools are found to be the best in 2018 which has a capacity to give a professional finish in your photograph:

Best Photo Editor Tools In 2018


 GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. Unlike Photoshop, this program is an open-source software. This photo editor tool is a kind of free photoshop software that has all features and basic functions of Photoshop. In other words, you can say that it is a substitute for photoshop which is very powerful, adaptable and flexible.  It is fully customizable and provides layers, masks, advanced filters, color adjustments and transformation features.

2. Photo Pos Pro

 The next name that appears in the list of best photo editor tool is Photo Pos Pro. It is the next best alternative to Photoshop that is suitable for both novice and advanced users. With features like layers, masks, superb clone, healing brush, color refining tools and other excellent features, Photo Pos Pro has become more intuitive than other photo editing tools.

3. Paint.NET

It is another best choice for photo editing. Though it appeared as an alternative to Microsoft Paint after changes over the years, it has now become a photoshop like software which offers automatic filters as well as manual editing tools. This photo editor tool also has filters and batch editing tool but for the mask, it is required to install the plugin.

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4. Pixlr Editor

It is another best alternative to Photoshop and it can also perform the work of AutoDesk. It is available in web and desktop version It is also found as mobile apps as well. With all the enhanced features like brushes, fills, selections, layers, masks, clone stamp tools it is highly customizable and truly photoshop substitute that is ideal for those people who do not want to download any desktop application.

5. Adobe Photoshop Express

 It is another best and light-weighted photo editing software that appears as an App which can be downloaded in Android, iOS as well as Windows mobile device. It is very simple and user-friendly. But like other photo editing software tool it does not have any layers, brush, masks, etc. It is also not possible to crop or resize the images. But the best thing is that after photo editing you can either save your photo to your local drives or can directly upload or share it with social media sites.

photoshop photo editor tools

6. Affinity Photo

 Another most impressive photo editor tool is Affinity Photo. It is available in Windows, Mac, and iPad. It has a lot of amazing features which also includes full merging support, 360-degree image editing facility, enhanced batch processing, and recordable macros.

7. Sumo Paint

 It is another highly impressive online photoshop free software that provides a wide-ranging of photo editing tools like quick brushes, pencil sketches tools, basic web graphic design tools, pencils, shapes, text, gradients etc. It can work only in JPEG, PNG and GIF file format. However, it only allows the user to save the files in JPEG and PNG format.

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The above-mentioned list is some excellent photo editing software tools that can be used for any type of photo editing. However, you should choose it as per your necessities.

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