5 Best Practices For Design That You Should Follow

Undoubtedly, websites have become the lifeline of businesses today, considering that the internet is emerging as a major selling channel. However, just having a website is not a guarantee of success because there will be hundreds to compete with. The idea is to have one that catches the eye of the users and delivers exceptional experiences as well. Whether you are planning to invest in a new site or already have one that you want to optimize, here are the best practices for website design that you need to follow in 2019. People love to follow modern hole styles now a days due to increase in popularity.

Have an amazing mix of content and visuals

Content is the foundation of any website but you cannot expect it to appeal to the visitors alone. You need to mix it with visuals to make an impact and sell through storytelling. While you blend the two, make sure that it delivers a compelling experience to the users so that they stay on the site and convert as well. The copy should be concise, informative and keyword optimized while the visuals should be clear, relevant and aesthetically superior.

Simplify the search and navigation

The secret to selling online lies in delivering great user experiences, which depend on the search and navigation on your website. Make it easy for the visitors to search for the products they want by integrating search functionality. Similarly, moving from one page to the next should be simple to understand with an intuitive navigation. Clear and obvious Call To Action (CTA) buttons that are placed strategically enable simplicity and intuitiveness in the website’s navigation.

Leverage user-generated content

As trust becomes the biggest selling factor on the internet, you need to have genuine user-generated content on your website to keep pace with the trend. It refers to the content elements shared by the real users; primarily, reviews and testimonials are regarded as the trust-building user-generated content pieces. You can go through to understand how reviews and testimonials can impact the conversion decisions.

Let the website be a replica of your brand

Essentially, the purpose of having a website is to replicate your brand online. When you do invest in one, ensure that it is a true replica of your brand so that the potential customers are able to associate it with your business in an instant. Whether it is the logo, color scheme, tone of voice or any other element on the site, everything should be consistent with your offline presence.

Ensure that the site is search optimized

Another best practice for website design is to ensure that it is optimized to appear on top of web searches. Even the best looking site will not be able to fetch you business unless it is search optimized because it will simply not be visible to potential customers. Therefore, you cannot deny the significance of having a professional partner looking after the SEO for websites.

Now that you understand the best practices for website design in 2019, it will be easy to ideate a perfect design for you new site or tweak the design of the existing one. Having a professional design partner is equally crucial.

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