Best Segment Alternatives

As a business enthusiast, your data is among the most important assets. With that, you must have effective data management that will help you generate more leads for your business. You can transform those leads into your valued customers. Are you looking for the best segment alternatives you can use for effective data management? You’re in the right place. The following is the list of the best segment alternatives you can use to manage your business data in the best possible way.


Datadog is one of the latest analytics and monitoring platforms, which is a great alternative to With the use of this platform, you can collect data of servers, metrics, teams, and apps in a single place. It also comes with various integrations such as Slack, Java, Windows Azure, Java, Amazon Web Services, and more.

  • Understand the behavior of a user

The platform is also the best place to analyze, filter, and search data, so you can know the user experience. It helps you to understand the journey of your audience with your site. With that, you can improve your customer service in enhancing their overall experience when visiting your website.

  • Automation tools

You can have easier campaigns since you can access automation tools. Datadog also features bug tracking and source control, so you can make sure that you’re running your applications and campaigns in the right manner. It can assist you in solving different data problems to enhance your campaigns and grow your business.

  • Real data visualizations

With Datadog, you can view real data visualizations that will help you to optimize your techniques. Additionally, you can also explore your data to be familiar with the behavior of your audience.

Segment Alternatives


RudderStack is a segment alternative that helps you improve your data management. If you want to have full control of customer data, RudderStack can be your efficient manner.

  • Full control

The RudderStack allows you to have full control of your customer data. It can work well with your tools and transform your data warehouse into a platform for customer data. It enables you to collect structured cloud platforms and customer event data. Then, you can combine it with the internal data sources to establish organized customer profiles as well as data sets for marketing, product, analytics, and more.

  • Extreme-scale

The pricing model and infrastructure of RudderStack are made to manage a high volume of events, usually of famous consumer apps. With the platform, you can have a peak volume without worrying about the cost.


If you want to have more powerful business marketing campaigns, Hull can be your essential tool.

  • Fill new data and clean out irrelevant data

Hull allows you to fill in new data and take out the irrelevant or old data. With that, you can only have relevant data that can help with the progress of your business.

  • A unified view of the leads

With the platform, you can have a unified view of the account, contact, and leads. It has seamless integration that makes your marketing and sales team get similar information to produce the best results for your business.

  • Create customized segments

Hull can help you make customized segments through various applications. You can also understand your data, which is helpful for improving marketing campaigns that can encourage your customers.


Mixpanel is another reliable platform for data management. It enables you to analyze the behavior of the user on your website and apps. It is effective for measuring and enhancing your customer experience.

  • Determine trends

Using Mixpanel, you can determine the trends in your business through key metrics. It can also be a good tool that can give you access to view how customers interact with the pages on your site.

  • Accurate data collection

With Mixpanel, you can have more accurate data collection for your brand. You can have accurate data about customers and products in real-time, allowing you to understand more of your target audience. It helps you to send messages to enhance your marketing campaign.


If you wish to manage data effectively, you can prefer for the MarketingCloudFX. This marketing software can be your comprehensive partner to track, obtain, and use data to make powerful business campaigns.

  • Make your data to work

With this platform, you can make your data work. You can use the database for making personalized content, nurturing leads, and establishing a positive brand image.

  • Access to functional tools

The MarketingCloudFX can provide you with different tools for your data management. With these tools, you can make personalized content, reporting and analysis, call tracking, automated email marketing, customer relationship management integration, advanced targeting settings, and more.

  • Streamline lead management

The platform comes with 2 programs, the LeadNurtureFX and LeadManagerFX. In LeadManagerFX, you can make a searchable database of your leads. With that, you can create improved campaigns for your business.

  • Spy on your competitors

The software allows you to monitor companies that visit your website. Based on the database, you can create a B2B sales procedure and make your campaigns more engaging for your clients.


BigPicture is another excellent segment alternative that can assist you in making effective business campaigns.

  • Pair anonymous traffic with real businesses

The platform can help you in determining visitors and prioritize your customers according to the behavior. It can offer you pair your anonymous traffic to company profiles. With this, you know the interested people in your brand.

  • Data integration

It also offers excellent data integration. You can integrate your data from your CRM, website, and sales tools. You can also use business data to make more powerful campaigns. It comes with an integration-friendly interface wherein you can place data in a single location.


Are you ready to transform your business goals into reality? What are you waiting for? Get the best segment alternatives today! You can choose from the above list so that you can improve your business’ data management. It allows you to improve your customer experience and grow your business in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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