14 Best Sites for Taking Online Classes that’ll boost your education

Whatever your reasons are for boosting your education, there are a variety of sites online that will help you achieve your goal. The choices are so many you will be spoilt for choice. For a newbie, it may be overwhelming to navigate the hundreds of sites and filter out which one works best for your needs.

Below are some of the top sites that can help boost your education.

Famedwritings (Webassign online classes help services)

This is a site that has partnered with universities and colleges all over the world to offer a variety of courses. In addition, they also offer certificates at the end of the course subject to having satisfied the conditions.


This is a site that has been existence for years. It has a library where videos are uploaded on tutorials. For visual learners, this is one of the best options with a subsidized cost of 25USD per month offering unlimited access to the videos in the library.

Khan Academy

This is a non-profit based site which offers free online courses and access to their free library with micro lecturers. This is great option to get a feel of a course and learning the basics before advancing on to the advanced version of the course.


This is another site that has partnered with universities to offer free online courses. The only downside is that it is yet to offer certification upon completion.


Although an online platform for learning, it is a bit expensive simply because it is an intensive program offering up to 25hrs of study a week over several months in order to complete a course for those people who want a drastic shift in their careers.


For those people who are on a budget, this is the site for you to learn. Their library is fully packed with eBooks, audio and video lectures all for free.


Access to higher education from top universities worldwide such as Harvard is all found here. It is also a nonprofit organization.


If you are looking for a promotion with advanced studies, Alison is the site you should be looking at with their wide variety of courses at a free cost.


You can access free learning materials and even filter in the format you want whether in eBooks, audio or visual to enhance your learning experience.


You can learn your choice of course at your own pace. The course are from leading institutions worldwide.


Anyone looking to advance or gain basic skills in technology can visit this site. It focuses on demand-driven skills in the market and also offers certified transcripts.

Academic Earth

This site lists courses by schools which makes it easier for the leaner to choose which school they prefer to be identified with.


This site allows users to build their own custom courses from lessons on the platform. It offers a mixture of both free and paid courses.


This is a site for creative professionals which comprises mainly of videos on tutorials.

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