5 Best Ways To Detect Someone’s Phone

Have you ever searched for different ways to detect someone’s phone? If yes, then we have something for you. You would be surprised to know that getting into someone’s device is not as complicated as you think it is. 

With the right tools and strategy, you can easily hack any smartphone you want. In this article, you will learn 5 best ways to detect someone’s phone remotely. All these methods (platforms) are legal and do not require any efforts from your side. 

If you want to monitor your children’s activities or want to play a prank on your friends, you can do it with these methods. So, let’s start our guide and discuss the best ways to hack a smartphone.

Detect Someone's Phone


ClickFree is considered as one of the most trusted platforms to detect someone’s smartphone. It is a phone monitoring platform that makes it much easier to monitor an android or iPhone device. It is placed in the first place due to its easy-to-use user interface and trustworthy process. 

It can help you read the messages, call logs, location, and browser history of the targeted device. Additionally, you can check all their applications without even touching their phone.

This application works on a unique technology that helps you break into someone’s phone without letting them know. It is done by installing secret applications on their smartphone. It has managed to feature in the platforms like Forbes, Android Authority, and CNET.

That is why you do not need to worry about its credibility. Another great thing about this application is its fast syncing process. Hence, it is everyone’s go-to platform for all the spying and phone monitoring activities.

How to Use ClickFree To Detect Someone’s Phone

As we mentioned earlier, Clickfree is designed considering the technical knowledge of its audience. You need to follow these simple steps to get into someone’s phone remotely using ClickFree services.

Step1: Create an Account

You can visit the Clickfre

e’s website and create a free account there. It takes less than a minute to verify your email and to create a password.

Step2: Get a Membership

You can subscribe to any of the three paid memberships to use this platform. Just click on the membership and make the payments.

Step3: Connect the Targeted Device

After subscribing to a membership, you can access the setup wizard and install the setup (2MB only). You need to install this setup in the targeted device secretly. After installing the app, you can hide it from the settings.

Step4: Monitor Their Device

Login back to your account and click on the dashboard. You can use the available features to monitor all their activities. For example- If you click on the Whatsapp Spy feature, then it will open all their WhatsApp chats from that device.

These were some of the quick ways to install this application. However, you can check this step-by-step article to use this application properly. 


Spyic is another useful platform to monitor a smartphone. It is usually preferred by the parents to monitor their kid’s activities. The parental control features provide almost every feature offered by the ClickFree application.

However, it is a great platform when you want to keep track of their conversations and browsing history. Considering the nature of its use, developers have focused on the security of this platform. There is no way to access that data without the login credentials of the Spyic account with the device.

You can use this platform by installing a secret application in the targeted device just like we described in the above section. Additionally, it does not require any root or jailbreak to use this platform.


If you want access to some advanced phone monitoring features, then Spyier is a great platform for you. It works in the same way as the other spy apps. However, it offers the advanced keylogger feature that can record all the messages, passwords, and other text ever typed on a device.

It means that you can finally access the deleted messages of a person without having to check their phone. Additionally, it provides all the access to all the social media accounts of the targeted device.

Spyier has established a positive image with its transparent working policies. Hence, you can use this application to detect someone’s phone conveniently.


Minspy is one of the first few applications to introduce the phone monitoring feature. It works on the same technology and requires you to install an application on the device that you want to target. This application has the highest rating among the spying applications.

SIM tracking is the most popular feature of this platform. Generally, most of the applications provide you with location tracking through GPS. However, it goes a step ahead and allows you to check the SIM location as well.

It also has all other features of a phone monitoring application. Hence, if you want to use an established application with cool features, Minspy is your choice.


As the name suggests, Spyine is an application that helps you spy on any device operating on the Android or IOS operating system. It requires minimum technical knowledge and walks you through every step to hack a smartphone.

Spyine offers a free demo to let you understand the concept of this platform. You can use this live demo with a dynamic system to check the messages of the sample smartphone. 

Spyine has secured millions of active customers for its services. Hence, you can consider using this application for fast and easy phone hacking purposes.

Final Words

Hacking a smartphone is no more a dream now. The different ways covered in this article have proven to be effective in hacking or monitoring a smartphone. All you have to do is follow the shared instructions and enjoy the access to anyone’s device. Additionally, all of these applications respects user privacy and keep your data limited to the online servers. Some of them use private keys to ensure that the connection is established only when you want to access their account.

Hence, you can simply choose any of the application and proceed to monitor the device you want.

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