5 Coronavirus Products & Supplies to Help You Get Through the Pandemic

In the coronavirus pandemic we are currently experiencing, many people are afraid to go shopping. As lockdown measures begin to ease, going outdoors and being around others without the right products and supplies will put you at risk of contracting the virus.

While you should understand the importance of social distancing and limiting contact with friends and family, here are some of the best products and supplies that you should purchase to keep you protected and minimize the risk of you contracting COVID-19.

1#) Face Mask

If you need to return to work, go grocery shopping, or perform day to day errands, it’s important that you cover your nose and mouse with a face mask. The Moldex 1500 N95 Mask has the highest ATSM level of fluid resistance that you can find on the market, as well as featuring a soft foam nose cushion to provide extra comfort. The main purpose of a face mask is to protect you and others around you to limit the rate of infection.

2#) Hand Sanitizer

Waterless hand sanitizer provides numerous advantages when compared to hand washing with water and soap. If you need to go outdoors and are worried about keeping safe, carrying a small bottle of hand sanitizer around with you and regularly applying it on your hands after touching surfaces will reduce your risk of contracting coronavirus. While soap can be effective, if you’re unable to get to a sink, waterless hand sanitizer is a more accessible option.

3#) Food Supply

Limiting the number of times you go to the grocery store is another good way to reduce the risk of becoming infected. If you can, ordering your groceries online will mean you won’t have to shop amongst others. If you are at high risk and are unable to go out, make sure that you stock up on essential items and nonperishable foods like dried fruits and vegetables, canned beans, nuts and seeds, as well as canned fish and poultry.

4#) Surface Disinfectant

Whether you’re at the office or at home, touching the surfaces around you can put you at a higher risk of contracting coronavirus. Frequently touched surfaces such as tables, light switches, doorknobs, and keyboards need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before use. If you don’t want to use harsh chemicals, there are natural cleaning products like vinegar and baking soda which can work just as well.

5#) First Aid Kit

During the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important that you are prepared for any kind of emergency to arise. It’s recommended that you have a first aid kit at home, which can be used to treat common injuries, such as scrapes, cuts, strains and swelling. The kit should also include bandages, antibiotic ointment packs, and an emergency blanket.

There are lots of preventative measures that you can take to reduce the risk of infection. Washing your hands often, keeping your distance from others, and practicing good respiratory hygiene are all good strategies to follow alongside the products and supplies listed above in keeping you safe and protected throughout the pandemic.

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