Top 5 creative online business ideas you can start today

Some time ago, the Internet opened up a whole new dimension for entrepreneurs. Not only are websites crucial to the success of any venture in terms of branding and providing information about products, but shopping carts also allow business to be conducted in the virtual environment.

Where a customer base would once be restricted according to geographic location, online businesses now have the potential to interact with millions across the globe. There are so many openings for online businesses, from websites selling memorabilia, to a date site to introduce you to potential partners via your web browser. If you feel like setting up an online business right now, here are the top five creative ideas.

Online dating

Dating websites are pretty much synonymous with how readily the power of the Internet has been harnessed. At their core is that most basic of human instincts but the platform they use is modern technology, a subject constantly evolving and improving. As expert from suggest, you’ll need to focus on a particular niche, so it would be worthwhile considering what sites are already out there, and what you could offer customers that would be unique. But if you can conjure a relatively unique angle, then produce a well-designed website complete with robust financial software and strong advertising, the sky’s the limit.

Ecommerce store

The beauty of eCommerce operations is scaleability. Many people get into buying and selling online through auction sites such as eBay. Again, the key is to think outside the box, so rather than posting items that will appear on the same page duplicated any number of times, look for something you can develop a reputation for supplying. What that might be will require a lot of research, but whether you focus on rare 12″ singles or antiques, many of your platform’s properties will mirror online dating: strong website, online shop, reliable products. For online stores, you can include a secured checkout page for customers to easily purchase your products.


The main aspect of blogging you’ll have to excel at is writing. Casual browsers scour the web looking for information on an incredibly diverse range of topics. If they alight on a blog that consistently delivers interesting, informative and exciting articles, they’ll likely bookmark it and keep coming back. As a blogger, your biggest decision will be what to blog about. If you can write about a subject you are already keen on, whether that’s car maintenance or easily-executed cake recipes, you’re halfway towards a successful blog. The next bit is more technical. Work out the keywords most likely to entice customers to your blog. Monetize your website with targeted adverts.

Web design

A surefire winner for creative online business is putting together the websites that drive the Internet. These days you don’t have to be a coding wizard to be able to cobble together a decent, fully-functional site. There are many web resources that provide the tools to create a diverse range of bespoke sites, with functionality that can alter themes, incorporate slideshows, add shopping carts, forums and any amount of extras. If you do have some knowledge of coding you can modify templates even more. You’ll need to understand how search engine optimization works in terms of driving traffic. A professional web designer can charge four-figure sums to create sites, so why not get in on the action?

Affiliate marketing

If you can produce a website about a topic you love, that attracts a loyal following, you are already ticking major boxes towards become an affiliate marketer. Now all you need is to sign up to an affiliate program offering products you can tie in with your web content. Begin promoting – and banking the profits.

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