Different Types Of Modular Kitchen Styles One Can Choose From

The kitchen plays an essential role in any household. There are certain things that everyone wants from the kitchen, and these commonalities are a clean space from which hygienic meals can be prepared. The traditional look of the kitchen is appreciated by all, but it is backdated, and the modern, fast-paced lifestyle needs something more compact. Lately, modular kitchens have gained popularity. The modular kitchen is a concept that has been popularised mostly in the 21st century and now the idea of kitchen and what it was before is quickly eroding. We can see that modular kitchens are not just spaces for cooking; these places hold much more function than what a traditional kitchen used to serve.

A modular kitchen can serve as a dining area, a place to entertain guests and also if decorated in a grandeur way, a beautiful room in the house that can surely be the centrepiece of the entire home. The potential that lies in a modular kitchen is limitless. As one can gather from the name, modular kitchens have a lot of modules or compartments which divides the entire section in a systematic manner. These sections are joined together in a proper structure to form a beautiful kitchen.

 Gone are the days when we used to have a separate room for the kitchen. Now apartments are becoming smaller, and even people living in larger houses want to have proper space utilisation in their homes. The modular kitchen designs in most cases, is envisioned as open spaces which makes the room seem bigger and chicer. Depending upon your tastes and your vision of a beautiful modular kitchen, there are several designs of modular kitchens available to you on the internet as well as interior decorating catalogues or magazines. You can choose the layout of the modular kitchen that works for you to get the perfect space that you want. Some types of modular kitchens are:

●     Straight Modular Kitchen

This type of modular kitchen is trendy and has a very straight forward design. It is also known as the I-shaped kitchen. It is perfectly suitable for a small apartment where the cleaning, prepping, and cooking stations will be on the same plane. The modules or compartments present will be perfect for organising the different items required in a kitchen in a neat manner. It is also the cheapest layout possible, and if you are on a tight budget, you should choose the design. This shape also allows for future changes because of its dynamic nature.

●     L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

The l shaped modular kitchen is constructed by joining two countertops at a right angle against two adjoining walls. It is a very common kitchen layout shape, and a l shaped modular kitchen will give the household plenty of space for storage. The work triangle in this setup is also very efficient, and one can easily add Island close by for additional space which can also double out as a dining table.

●     U-shaped Modular Kitchen

This design is suitable only for a big kitchen and one should avoid constructing a u shaped modular kitchen if the dimension of the room is less than ten by 10. This design will give the owners of the kitchen enough space to have separate counters for cooking, prepping and cleaning. The counters will also be very close to one another, making the workflow smooth.

●     Gallery Or Parallel Modular Kitchen

As the name suggests, it means that there are two working stations parallel to each other in such a kitchen. This design works for a lengthy room which can also be quite a hindrance if it is constructed in a passageway or place in the home where there is a lot of traffic. If that is not the case, then working in such a kitchen is very easy, and with the increased efficiency which comes with the modular design, the work becomes smoother.

●     Peninsula Or G-shaped Modular Kitchen

This modular kitchen design is perfect for the person who loves to cook and needs extra space to store their items. The g-shaped modular kitchen design works only in large areas, and one should avoid planning such a design in small spaces so that the kitchen does not look too cramped.

 Just remember that there is something for you in the market as well. Don’t worry. It may seem a bit overwhelming when you are making a choice at first. Go through several designs of modular kitchens and see what works for you. You must also keep in mind the dimensions of your room, what materials you want to use for the countertops, what things you will store in your kitchen and how much space need, etc.

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