Do celebrities use their Instagram?

Amongst the numerous types of social media in existence, Instagram is one of the few that give fans the privilege to get a view of what their celebrity’s life looks like. Through pictures and videos, celebrities give their fans and followers an insider view of their day-to-day life.

These famous figures take to their social media accounts, especially their Instagram accounts, to upload pictures in their posts and stories and also make live videos.

Indeed, a celebrity’s life is a life full of fun and holidays, or is it? Some of this insider view has taught laypeople that life becomes more difficult under the spotlight. But do we want to listen? Of course not, give us the celebrity life and leave us to worry about the aftermath. Before we move on, let us consider the things that make celebrity life “difficult.”

An interview with world-class celebrities, on different occasions, hinted at the difficulties and life problems that stars face. One of them is not being able to know what is authentic. In 2014, Idris Elba confessed to Loaded that the worst thing about being a celebrity is that he found it challenging to differentiate real from fake when it comes to relationships. Justin Beiber said that he hated the fact that people make jokes about celebrities whenever they are at their lowest.

Another celebrity confessed that he hated the fact that every action he takes is straight from a plot, like a strategy. As for Kylie Jenner, she hates being a celebrity because she has developed a fear of what people will say about her on social media. Well, that fear is well-founded, considering she is currently being slammed for featuring in Cardi B and Megan’s WAP video.

Lastly, Megan Fox complained that she is always being bullied around because she is a celebrity. One would think that living la buena vida automatically guarantees them their freedom. But it appears that celebrities are constantly being bullied into acting happy and alright because they have all the material things that they need.

This brings us back to our topic, just like one of the interviewed celebrities said, their life is like a plot, so is their social media. Social media managers manage most of the celebrity official Instagram accounts. Let me tell you why. Most celebrity accounts are more for business than for personal use. If you see a celebrity’s picture on his or her Instagram account, look closely, he or she is marketing a brand’s product. Most of the celebrities are influencers.

Most of their influencer deals are worth thousands of dollars. Therefore, to get the maximum engagement and, of course, to do their jobs well, most celebrities hire a social media manager to manage their social media accounts, especially their Instagram account. This is not to say that none of the celebrities manage their accounts by themselves; it is, however, sporadic to find such stars. Some of the celebrities that manage their account often create a private account, something hidden from the public eye. I will tell you some celebrities that once had Instagram accounts that they operated on their own, later in this article.

Do you know why it is difficult to decipher when a celebrity uploads a post and when his/her manager uploads a post? It is because most of these social media managers have been trained to talk and think like the celebrity that hires them. Several managers have been sacked because they uploaded a post that didn’t sound like what the star that hired them would say. Most social media managers make up a post and send it to the celebrity that employed them for approval before posting. Now let us look at a shortlist of stars that once managed their social media accounts.

1#) Celebrities that use their own Instagram on their own

1. Sophie Turner:

the actress, Sansa of Game of Thrones, once had an Instagram account that she managed by herself. On her private Instagram account, @sophiesausagereviews, Sophie reviewed sausages. The account has only nine posts with over 30,000 followers and 0 followings. No activity has been recorded in Sophie Turner’s private account since April 2018.

2. Justin Beiber:

the famous singer once had a private Instagram account, @skylarktylark. The account has only nine posts with over one hundred and eighty followers. It was last updated in June 2018.

3. Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor:

this famous New Zealand singer popularly known as Lorde has a private Instagram account called @onionsringworldwidde. The last post in that account was in June 2017.

2#) Do celebrities answer to their direct messages and comments?

Well, I wouldn’t know, I have never been a celebrity. But here is what I know about celebrities, direct messages, and comments. When you send a direct message to an idol, there are two important things involved. Firstly, if they are following you, then it comes to them as a message. Secondly, if they are not following you – which is usually the case, your direct message comes as a message request. Just like Facebook, a message request comes with an accept or decline button. If the said celebrity reads your message request without clicking the accept button, the message will not be ticked as read. So, if you send a direct message to a celebrity, you won’t know if your message has been read or not, except he/she clicks the accept button.

If your message didn’t get accepted and the celebrity in question did not reply, it could also be because he/she never saw your message. If this is the case, then the social media manager decided that your direct message isn’t unique enough to be seen by the star. Celebrities or their managers tend to reply to more comments than direct messages.

3#) Do celebrities use Instagram growth services?

Choosing the best Instagram growth service is choosing the service that helps Instagram users to get more followers and also engage their audience. Now, one would ask why celebrities would hire growth services for their already spilling followers. Yes, their fame helped them to have a large number of followers, but Instagram growth services can help their accounts stand out.

To maintain the best content and a good relationship with their followers, celebrities employ only the best Instagram growth services. SimplyGram is one of them, you can even try their service before ordering, just visit their site and get a free Instagram followers trial.

Finally, most celebrities don’t find living in the spotlight as satisfying as we think it to be. They are usually told what to do, what to say, how to say it, and they have little to zero privacy. Having someone manage their social media account, mainly their Instagram account can be classified as a strategy to free up time for other things.

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