How do elevator shoes for men boost confidence

John meets a girl that works at the grocery store and seems himself feeling captivated by her beauty. He makes a move to approach her but retraced his steps because he feels less confident about his height. He goes over to the grocery store every day hoping to talk to her and maybe start a friendship with his beautiful crush, but it’s the same old story every day.

Andrew goes for a meeting with a potential client to get him to invest in his idea. He feels intimidated by his client’s height and can not muster up to the client and pitch a perfect proposal. These two scenarios are examples of how some men have been affected by their current height.

The good news is that elevator shoes may be able to help people like John and Andrew to build up their confidence and feel better about themselves. There are many men like John and Andrew, who have gone through a similar challenge at one point in their lives, and there are still several others struggling with low confidence due to their height.

1#) How elevator shoes for men help to boost confidence

Let’s say, John buys a nice pair of GuidoMaggi elevator shoe sneakers. He knows if he were to stand in front of his crush, he might stand shoulder to shoulder with her or he may even be taller.  Most men do not feel comfortable having to look up to their women.

2#) But how does elevator shoe provide this benefit?

It is no rocket science how GuidoMaggi scarpe con rialzo help to boost Men’s confidence. We shall take a look as some of these confidence-building qualities of height increasing shoes that makes them highly sought after by men.

1. Elevator shoes bring out the spark in your appearance

Have you ever felt proud of yourself when you get a lot of compliments from people because of your appearance that is precisely what elevator shoes do to build your confidence. Since wearing elevator shoes make you look classy and smart, you may get more compliments from people telling you how good you look in those shoes and how lovely your shoes complement your dressing. Hearing such compliments have a way of making you feel more confident and appreciative about yourself.

2. Elevator shoes put you in control.

One major factor that diminishes your confidence is when you feel less in control of a situation. Some men are very sensitive about their height that such insecurities come into play when they are having both formal and informal conversations. They tend to have a feeling of low self-esteem because they find themselves having to look up to the other person during a conversation. However, GuidoMaggi elevator shoes can create reverse psychology in the minds of such men by making them appear taller. When you appear taller, you tend to feel more confident about yourself. You may no longer have to look up to the person you are conversing with, but instead, you can look directly at the person and feel less insecure about your height. A lesser feeling of insecurity and a surge in confidence puts you in control when having a conversation with people.

3. Elevator shoes allow you to maintain eye contact

The eyes have been used by many as a seductive and manipulative tool. In the art of seduction, the eyes play a significant role in determining your level of seriousness or if you mean what you are saying. It is often used to ascertain if an individual is telling the truth or not.

Being able to maintain high contact when speaking with people, displays a sense of confidence and a positive self extreme. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes help you achieve that. You can stand shoulder tall with most people and be able to maintain eye contact with them. Most ladies may find this very attractive when you do so.

Finally, John gets himself a pair of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes and feels confident enough to approach his crush at the grocery store. He feels less sensitive about his height and chats away with Becky, the girl from the grocery store who today is his wife and the mother of his twin boys.

Andrew, on the other hand, has had an opportunity to pitch his idea to other potential investors and was surprised at how confident and smart he felt during his meeting. All thanks to his excellent preparation and maybe his pair of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes.

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