Emailchecker Review: Things You Need To Know

Whether you are a marketer running an email marketing campaign or you are sending an email with a sales pitch for the first time, it is imperative to make sure that an email address is valid. Without ensuring the correct recipient, it is a bad idea to send out random emails. A simple utility tool can help you get the desired results without ruining your email marketing campaign or sales pitch. Here is where the Email Checker comes in. The Email Checker is verification software that allows everyone to make sure that every single email address is valid.

Whether it is a whole list of email addresses or a single email, with the Emailchecker, you can rest assured that the contacts exist and they are working. In this Email Checker review, we are going to offer a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of choosing this software for business. Email Checker is one of the best-rated email verification software available online. Before we get into the intricacies and technical aspects, let us share the pricing.

Pricing details

There is a basic plan that starts at $14 for 1000 email verifications, and it can go up to $2499 for 2,500,000 emails. There is also a PAY PER LIST service that will allow in uploading an email list and charging only to check the emails. There are monthly plans, as well. The monthly plans start from $10 per 1000 email verification and $1899 for 2,500,000 email verifications in a month.

The Pay per List plan includes:

Cost Number of emails verified
$14 1000
$29 2500
$49 5000
$69 10000
$89 15000
$129 25000
$199 50000
$299 100000
$499 250000
$799 500000
$1249 1000000
$2499 2500000

The Monthly Plan includes:

Cost Number of emails verified
$10 1000
$20 2500
$30 5000
$49 10000
$69 15000
$99 25000
$169 50000
$249 100000
$399 250000
$699 500000
$1199 1000000
$1899 2500000

There are free trial offers where you will be able to verify 100 emails once you register on the website. The registration process is pretty necessary, where you will not require any credit card information.

Offering verification (real-time) through API

There is a real-time verification offer through API where it offers detailed Integration Documentation for Java, Python, PHP, and C#. To check the document, visit,

Real-time verification means there will be an absolute confirmation on the accuracy of the date availed from customers. It offers real-time verification through an application program interface (API).

The Email Checker offers documentation in various computer languages, including Python, Java, C#, PHP, and you can easily integrate the API to check the real-time verification of the email.

Ensuring outstanding email delivery with an accuracy rate of 99%

Email Checker provides the highest standards of email deliverability while delivering 99% accuracy. Thus you don’t need to worry before choosing this product. It is very much accurate and provides excellent performance in detecting fake email addresses. Therefore, it will get rid of all the junk emails and temporary emails. It does the verification from global centers, and then it is distributed widely.

Bulk email verification

Along with offering single email verification, the Email Checker also provides a feature of bulk email verification. You can also easily upload the email sheet and get all the emails verified within a short time.

What are the characteristics of bulk email verification?

The software will detect all the problematic domains, the spam keywords, catch the role accounts detection, pick the screening of the account, correct errors, and also offers disposable email address detection.

The software specializes in eradicating all the specific invalid email addresses that include unnecessary slashes and spaces that are, in general, not a part of the email addresses. It comes with an error correction feature as well.

The software doesn’t check the DNS (Domain Name System) base list. It is a method used for tracking the IP addresses of the spanners and proxy servers. Apart from that, the Uniform resource Identifier DNS base list is also not followed in the software.

Customer Support

The company has got a dedicated and excellent support team that is capable of offering 24*7 customer supports for every single customer. In case of any doubt, you can call them right away.

Data security

Data security is another crucial aspect of using an Email Checker. It will detect all sorts of spam traps and all the email addresses that are flagged by the internet service providers and email service provider because it can cause damage to the reputation. It is one of the best features of this utility software.

Apart from detecting all the bad domains, the spam keywords, role accounts, catch-all accounts, it is also capable of finding out the temporary and disposable email addresses. Along with all the features mentioned above, they have email verification with connectivity and outlook, AOL and the server exist in Yandex, which is the largest network group.

Some additional features of Email Checker

Email Checker offers you multiple options for integration. It will also provide you with automated batch file submission and retrieval. It uses the FTP access for your account or batch API or any other manual upload.

  • Response Codes for bad and unknown emails.
  • Detailed documentation, along with multiple Github-hosted code examples.
  • Offering real-time API with “extreme” Yahoo and Email option.
  • It comes with a user-friendly dashboard
  • You can get in touch with professional staff and connect with an automated system.
  • Fast and responsive API with industry-leading uptime and SLA
  • The design of the Batch API service results in better batch-processing along with more extensive B2B lists.
  • Catch-All verification enables finding all hard bounces and accept-all data sets.

Issues of using Email Checker

It will not offer you DNSBLs and URI DNSBLs detection, but the technical team is looking to implement this feature within their product soon.


At the end of the Email Checker review, we can say that this email verification software is a complete package that comes with a clear interface and offers value for money. You won’t have to worry about losing email credit every month. It is an ideal tool to invest. The best part is you can always go for the free trial and then opt for purchasing it. I am pretty sure that you are going to love it.

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