Creating Emoji: Top 5 Emoji Maker Apps for Beginners

People nowadays tend to use various messaging platforms as part of their everyday lives. The new generation technologies have developed a vast range of features enhancing these platforms to the next level. Several mobile operating systems applied emojis as a part of their messaging structure.

Emojis are symbolic representations seen as a small digital image or icon used for conveying emotions. They are the means of expressing feelings in messages. When conversing to other people, it is really hard to find the right word to show your emotions. Sending emojis is the perfect way to say what you really want to say.

But sometimes, simple emojis are not enough to express what you really feel. Personalized icons were developed to add your own touch in conversations. Here are 5 of the best apps for beginners and detailed guidelines to make your own emoji.

1#) BitMoji

Some question remains, how to make emoji? What are the apps used to create one? BitMoji is a third party application owned by Snapchat to create emojis. But fortunately, you do not need the Snapchat application on your device to use it. This app is available to any Android and iOS devices for free. This platform helps you create and customize emojis with your own personal touch.

This app would only require you to take a selfie and it will automatically make a cartoon version of yourself. You can customize the comic version of yourself with different clothing, facial looks and expressions. You can create an avatar that looks like yourself but with a comic twist.

2#) Emojily

Emojily is a free emoji maker app that offers limited elements over almost every aspect of your emoji making process. Even though the app is free, some design options are locked and need to be purchased.

This app is no longer available on Android’s Google Play Store. Luckily for iOS users, Emojily is still available in the App Store. This app is very easy to use, a template for creating emoji will appear and you have the access to customize it. After the creation process, you can either download it on your phone or send it to someone by clicking the share button.

3#) PiZap

This application is originally a popular photo editor, but it is also a useful tool to create high-quality emojis. This emoji maker app is very easy to use, you just simply drag and drop the designs and start the creation process.  There are a lot of features available to create unique combinations for your emoji.

Here’s how to easily customize your own emoji using PiZap. You just have to select any of the emoji bodies available and start clicking on stickers. You can select any facial features you want. You can even make a freehand drawing using cut-out and paintbrush tools.

4#) Memoji

Memoji is an emoji maker application for iOS users only. This app is an extension for iMessage and FaceTime to add more animated emojis in your conversations. Using the app with camera effects analyzes different facial muscle movements to mimic the expression made by the user.

You can also use Memoji on other messaging platforms like Whatsapp. Adding more personality to your conversations on messaging apps is a whole new level of conversing with your friends. This is a superb emoji maker app once you get a hang of it.

5#) ZMoji

This emoji was originally launched on iOS App Store but later uploaded on Android’s Google Play Store. ZMoji has modern features of facial recognition which gives the app high tech feels. You can make avatar icons manually or using the facial scan process. You can also customize the avatar’s outfit and add some accessories. The free version of the app is still recommendable, but the premium version lets you enjoy the app much more.


These emoji maker apps are the best and most recommended tools to make emojis of your choice. Creating emoji might sound a bit of a work to do, but its after-effect is very worth it.

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