Essential Marketing Tips for eCommerce Websites

If you are an eCommerce brand looking for efficient marketing strategies to attract new customers as well as entice the existing ones to keep coming back to your online store, this article is for you.

In a few minutes, you will find out how to bring in more traffic to your website, build relationships and trust with your customers, and make money.

Here are the top five eCommerce marketing tips to bring your business to the next level:

Tip #1: Use email to notify subscribers about new deals

Many entrepreneurs mistakenly believe that their potential customers no longer use email because of the growth of social networks. They think, “Hm, who still reads emails?” The thing is, almost everyone!

According to statistics, 293.6 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2019. Experts also expect an increase to 350 billion daily emails in 2022. As you can see, email marketing isn’t going anywhere soon. Why not use it to your benefit?

As an eCommerce brand, you can send various types of emails. Those include email receipts to confirm your customer’s purchase, cart abandonment emails, campaigns to encourage people to browse your products, special deals.

Email marketing is a good way to reach potential customers with promotions that are catered to their specific needs. For instance, visitors who viewed products at your store but never placed an order would benefit from a pleasant discount email for first-time buyers.

Tip #2: Create email signatures for all of your employees

The average employee of a company sends about 40 emails per day. With a small company with just 10 employees, that can quickly escalate to over 400 emails sent daily and 100K emails sent annually. That’s 100K extra chances to get your message across. Here is how.

Create an email signature for every employee, and you will see how easily you can:

  • Help recipients find your contact info quickly;
  • drive traffic to your online store or blog, your email list, and even social profiles;
  • promote your products, sales, and events.

On top of that, professional email signatures will let you make even promotional eCommerce campaigns personalized (because you can add a photo of your employee to the signature).

To use email signature marketing to the max, you need to experiment with banners that contain compelling calls to action (CTAs). This will help you encourage your potential customers to take a certain action immediately.  Here are a few examples of CTAs for eCommerce email signatures: “Buy now,” “Shop now,” “Get your 15% off,” etc.

If you want to create an attractive signature, you may need to use HTML format. But wait, don’t worry about your coding skills. You can use a signature generator that will help you design signatures quickly and with so little effort.

Tip #3: Create a blog on your website

Lots of companies across different industries have already launched blogs to provide their audience with valuable content to raise awareness about their brands and build trust with their readers. Now it’s your turn. Create quality engaging blog posts, infographics, videos, and other types of content to attract/entertain/educate your target audience.

One of the most significant reasons you should try blogging as an eCommerce brand is because search engines love content. In fact, content belongs to the list of the three biggest ranking factors. That means producing quality content will increase your chances of getting ranked higher in Google, which in turn can send you traffic on autopilot.

Quick tip: Create content for topics that have search demand in your niche.

Tip #4: Use the power of social media

In the era of social media, thousands of users use their feed to look for online shopping inspiration. Many are eager to discover new brands like yours to purchase from. So, if you don’t have a solid social media presence yet, chances are you are missing out on tons of sales.

First, make sure you are creating content that resonates with your target audience.

If you want to bring in traffic to your site, you need to regularly share written content, images, videos, and links to your website. And don’t forget to talk with people. They love seeing other human beings behind their favorite brands.

Tip #5: Advertise your most popular items

 Although email marketing belongs to the most affordable ways to promote your products, you need to consider using other powerful advertising platforms like Google or Facebook to boost your eCommerce sales. What we like about these platforms is that you can choose to target your ads based on someone’s age, location, language, interests, education, behaviors, and so on.


Voila! There you have all the tips we prepared for you. We hope you will certainly use them. And remember, you can make a big impact by changing a little. Good luck!

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