How to overcome the 3 most common excuses for not studying Spanish

Because sooner or later we all hid behind an excuse for not doing something, for running away from something we don’t like or for not seeing someone we can’t stand.

As far as foreign languages ​​are concerned, the time has come to get out of the den, one step at a time or running as if there was no tomorrow (you will decide this) and to stop putting it off for fear , laziness or lack of belief in your abilities.

Get started right away, don’t do tomorrow what you can do today!

1#) I can’t travel to Spain, so learning a language would be a futile effort

Let’s put it this way: why don’t you do something simply because you want to do it?

Of course, it is true that travel is always an enriching experience, which makes us understand many things and which, on a purely linguistic level, helps us improve pronunciation and broaden the lexicon.

Traveling is not essential to learn a language. What is really needed, at least as long as the first, hesitant steps move, is to study, understand, know, listen and – the last but not the least – to speak, even in vain if necessary, even on your own like crazy if indispensable.

Some student enjoy having immersion experiences with Spanish courses Barcelona, or even taking classes with Spanish natives while on holidays in other Spanish speaking countries like Argentina. Fortunately for those who can not take this liberties, there are excellent institutes like Expanish that offer online courses as well as presential classes.

And how do online courses work? You can get in touch with native Spanish teachers, have particular lessons or even join groups with none of them having to move from the office or home. Interesting, right?

2#) I am too old now, I no longer have the age or the head for certain things

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the mother of all the apologies, give her a big round of applause!

Here you have to go heavy with self-belief. No, you are not too old to learn Spanish, if you really want to do it, querer es poder. The will and determination, if accompanied by the right learning strategy, passion and a positive and proactive attitude, can really take you far beyond the self-imposed limit.

It is never too late to do something that we really want and that we are seriously interested in.

3#) I don’t have time, I don’t know when to study

Apart from the fact that time now seems to be a rare stone, think you would waste much less time if you decided to do something concrete instead of being there to evaluate the pros and cons about learning a foreign language like Spanish.

Studying a language doesn’t have to take 4 hours every day: if you are not in a hurry and you do not have to meet cumbersome deadlines, know that a couple of minutes a day, mixed with a good dose of concentration, commitment and perseverance can really make a difference. Learn to optimize your time and manage it in the most profitable way possible for you.

If, on the contrary, your time is tight, give yourself priorities to really understand how important it is for you and your future to learn Spanish. If you want it, you can it.

4#) It takes too much money, I can’t afford it

Here they are, certainly could not miss the money, the greatest joy and the greatest pain of this era.

Unless you want to to study Spanish in the Cervantes Institute living in Madrid in an apartment overlooking Salamanca, nobody is asking you to make a mortgage to study a foreign language. You can easily turn to online resources and get in touch with native teacher that will be able to guide you through your learning.

If you are fond of expertise and simple solutions, you can double check your needs with an Spanish institute like the one recommended above. Their team will be able to understand your needs and make a perfect match for you to make progress in your learning.

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