FOLX: Download Manager For Mac

Folx is becoming the most powerful torrent client for Mac OS with the latest Mac OS Catalina. It is developed by ELTIMA SOFTWARE. The stable version of FOLX 5.0 released on Mar 28, 2018.This Software is compatible with different browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. with FlashGot Extension.

It is a free Internet Download Manager with unique features that gives an Interactive UX and can download files from the Internet in a convenient way.The true Mac OS interface allows support for Retina Display to its users.It helps you to download directly any content, video either from YouTube, Vimeo, or torrent files in an easy way which you can see on tab options.

Folx allows the user’s to resume their interrupted files which happen due to lost connection and provide the option to categorizing video i.e Smart Tagging which means you can assign as tag any download file according to video types which can be a music file, video file, game, anything. It helps you lot while you’re searching for a specific file type can easily find out Isn’t Awesome?

This download Manager Software interface comes with ease. If you have to download torrent files simply tap on torrent tab also there you can directly access or download any files.When it goes to Folx PRO, extra features you will mesmerizing  Because when you download large files there an option that is splitting a file into 20 streams and accelerates simultaneously downloading speed, prioritizing your task to assign as a tag, scheduling files.

1#) Features

1. Extremely Fast Downloading

In this Option, files can split up to 20 streams which helps improve the download speedup process. Thus the whole download takes lesser time to finish tasks and many options to add download tasks.

2. Torrent For Mac Client

It combined with two functions- download manager and integration with the torrent downloader.This app not only can download torrent files as well as suitable for creating new torrent files via trackers.

3. Magnet links Advanced Search of Files.

As the name suggests, it works as a part of P2P technology. It is a hyperlink that enables you to Interact between the Uploader of this particular video ( Seeders ) and torrent client downloader. You have to paste URL /text in the search tab that you want to download as a torrent file.Torrent app enables the tracker to find files quickly and you don’t have to need to save the file as the torrent name it automatically saves that.

4. In-Built Torrent Downloader

With the FOLX PRO version, no need to go to a web browser to search for torrent files because Inbuilt features provides Torrent Tab for you to download files in just one-click similar to Internet Download Manager For Mac.

5. Scheduling Tasks as per Convenient.

Folx PRO permits you to schedule tasks in a manner when you have to start and finish them as well as many opt i.e shut down Computer, sleeping mode, or quit once download completed.

Thus Next time, Folx can start your assigned task on a given schedule time without your direct engagement.

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