Games like Civilization | 12 Popular Strategy Games

Games like Civilization are a list of some quality strategy games that are favourite of modern gamers. Strategy Games came with a lot of enjoyment and fun for people who love to play games. These Games like Civilization are turn-based strategy games that mean a game contain strategy and lots of changing moments known as it.

I always used games like Civilization when I am free from my work. These games are beneficial and necessary for mental exercise and fun.

You need to check these games if you are a real lover of games and other stuff related to them. My friends always want some Civilization-like games to play from my side. They tried many websites and tool but not find an appropriate list that defines the fun similar to Civilization.

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So, I start to write about games like Civilization 5 and latest version that you are looking here. To find some great games, I need to try first. So, It is my job, and now I find an appropriate list to full-fill your gaming requirements. These games are my opinion, so If you have some better things about this list let me know after reading this content.

About Civilization

Civilization is a Series of its games with the option of building empire and survival or turn-based things. MicroProse developed this game first version for MS-DOS. Civilization VI is the latest version available in current market. In the present, Civilization game is available for every platform to exist in modern time except some mobile platforms.

This game is part of the single player or multiplayer turn-based RTS games that help you to create a world with a civilisation of people. In this game, you need to survive with other seven to eight category of people or bread that makes a very exciting for gamers.


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Strategy Games Like Civilization

Civilization is a very famous video game. So today we are going to tell you about the top 12 alternatives of the civilization game. This top 12 list of the alternatives is highly filtered and all the games on this list are a very high quality. So lets begin.

1. Total War: Shogun 2

The first option as Games like Civilization is Total War: Shogun 2. It is A high-rated strategy game with a large community of player. The platform of this game set in the 16th century Japan where the feudalism was on its top. There are several clans which are the rivals of each other.

These clients are led by the local warlords where everyone is fighting for the control. The player has to manage one of these clans and has to dominate the other clans by defeating them.

2. Endless Space

Endless Space is a very similar turn-based real-time strategy game as compared to Civilization 5. There are a total number of 10 civilisation which is unique in their perspective. The player has to choose one of these 10 unique civilisations, or he can create his civilisation as well.

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The main aim of the user is to expand the empire and Conquer the whole Galaxy. Some Special number of requirements are needed to win this game. The conditions which must be fulfilled are expansionary, diplomatic, economic and supremacy victories. Endless Space is an excellent tool of enjoyment for people who love creative gaming.

endless space games like civilization

3. Galactic Civilizations

The plot of this game is set in the future where we have started living with the aliens. There are five primary alien races with whom humankind has made contact. To travel into space, humans have made a significant discovery which named as hyper drive.

Using it the user can travel very quickly between the two stars. Later on, the communication stops and the galaxy becomes open for the exploration. I love this game in a category of space games like Civilization 5. If you a space geek and have an interest in gaming then must try Galactic Civilizations before die.

4. Master of Orion

In the initial phase of the game you can only play against the computer. There are several aspects of the game which needs to be managed. The aspects are technology development, ship construction, inter species diplomacy, combat and the management of several colonies.

The player can choose the size of the galaxy and the number and difficulty of the computer opponents. Then you have to compete with the opponents. You can choose this game under a list of free games like Civilization.

master of orion civilization like games

5. Space Empires 5

This game like Civilization is the first game of the Space Empires series where the three-dimensional graphics have been used and also the user interface of this game has been heavily redesigned. Similar to the other games you have to build an empire, and you need to fight with the opponents to expand your empire.

Space Empires is a fantastic contender for PC games like Civilization every time you play this game.

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6. Panzer General

Panzer general game has 38 missions based on the real battles from the World War 2. The development of this game is based on the Japanese War game.

This Civilization alternative is a single player, and the two player game and the genre of this game is computer War game. You can play this game online on your iPad, so it full-fill your games like Civilization for iPad requirement.

7. Master of Magic

In this ga, me every time a new game starts with a separate universe is randomly generated where the player has to adjust the strength, difficulty and other features on its own.

The player can customize almost everything on this game. So, if the player wants to be more creative, then gamer can make a fantasy world with many advanced things.

master of magic free games like civilization

8. Age of Wonders

The initial title of this game was the world of wonders. Age of wonders allows you to lead a race of your choice. There are 12 races available on this game out of which you have to lead 1 race.

Maps are used to lead the races to victory. I always choose it as an alternative in the box of games like Civilization 6.

9. Frozen Synapse

Frozen synapse is a part of turn based strategy games where the users can win the enemy units.

To do so, they need to order the small squad of armed combatants. The most common goal to place the order is to conquer the enemy units. Each player in this game controls a small number of soldiers along with the weapons.

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10. UniWar

On this game, the player has the opportunity to fight his Enemies with full strength. You have to build a robust army and then shift your campaign towards conquering the bases of your enemies.

On conquering each base, you will get points which can be spent to construct few new units.

uniwar civilization alternatives


11. The battle for Wesnoth

The battle for Wesnoth is a fantasy game where the player gets the number of possibilities for his entertainment. On this game, you first have to create an army, and then you fight to expand your territories by controlling the villages.

The user tries to defeat the Enemies for his experience. If you want some plot-related games then this list of plot games like Civilization.

12. Shadowrun

Shadowrun is a science fiction fantasy game. The plot of this game set in the minimum time where everything is scientific, and there is less and less work to be done by the humans. Shadowrun shows a world where things like cybernetics, magic and some fantasy creatures will co-exist.

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Guys, This list is not enough to explain all real-time games or games like Civilization. However, I cover all popular alternative of Civilization that you can enjoy in free time. If you have some great option except this option, then please tell me in the comment box in below part. Please share my content on your social account that will help me to grow my blog and find more readers.


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