GIFs in emails: Surefire way to maximize your email marketing efforts

Email marketing is one of the most affordable and essential digital marketing tools nowadays. It allows you to promote your business’s products and services via email. A solid email marketing strategy can help you reach your target audience and connect with them in a personalized way. That helps to generate leads and convert the audience into customers. Besides, email marketing aware your customers about your latest products and offerings. According to Forbes, email marketing is one of the most powerful tools to transform your business to the next level.


If you open your email, you will find many marketing emails trying to promote and sell their services and products. But, unfortunately, you will find yourself bypassing many of them without properly reading the content. The same happens with your target audience when they receive many marketing emails from various service providers. Hence, you need to do something different in your promotional emails to stand out in their inboxes.


Here comes animation into the picture and GIFs that can help you maximize your email marketing efforts.


What is GIF?


The word ‘GIF’ stands for “Graphics Interchange Format.” GIF is a sequence of animated pictures in a single file lesser than the size of a video and without sound. We can often see GIFs in text messages and chats nowadays. You can successfully use them to send your motion graphics work via email to grab the reader’s attention.


Why can GIFs boost your email marketing?


Including a GIF in your marketing email makes the content more eye-catching, playful, and interesting to the audience. Visuals are incredibly helpful in increasing conversions, growing revenues, and accelerating growths, and GIFs are no exceptions.


The best way to make a GIF in Mac


The easiest and most convenient way to convert a video to a gif in Mac is to use an MP4 file. It is the most popular and vividly used video format and hence readily available. Besides, you need not stitch images together to make a high-quality GIF from an MP4 file.


A few essential tips on using GIFs for your email marketing strategy


The following tips on using GIFs may help you to boost your email marketing strategy,


Do not copy and paste


If you want to use a GIF for your email, do not copy the same from somewhere and paste. It increases the risk of the GIF not appearing in your email. It would be best to always embed the GIF into your email instead. It will ensure the GIF will reach your target audience via email. After embedding the GIF, you need to test the email to understand how it will appear to your audience. It will help if you assure that the GIF is running smoothly and looks good.


Too many can spoil the motto


It is better to avoid using too many GIFs in a single email. Otherwise, your email will look messy and can create a negative impact. In addition, too many GIFs on a single email will confuse your audience about where to concentrate first.


There should be a purpose


You should never use a GIF in your marketing email to follow the trend. Instead, make sure the GIF synchronizes with the marketing story you are trying to tell your audience.


Resonate with your target audience


While picking up the GIF to be used for a particular email, you need to choose the one that will be in line with your brand and product. In addition, you need to select a GIF that your target audience can easily resonate with. For example, if you send a GIF of an object, a person or a design that is not well recognized, it won’t serve the purpose.


Keep it short


The duration of GIFs varies from a few seconds to even 30 seconds long. When using a GIF for your email marketing purpose, it needs to be short, simple, and sweet. The purpose is to grab visual attention within a few seconds so that the reader continues to read the rest of the email content. No reader will be patient enough to watch a 30 second long GIF in an email.


Make a statement


You must have a clear idea about the purpose of using a GIF in your email. The intent may be to add humor, convey a thought, relate to an emotion, or persuade your audience towards the sale. You need to choose a GIF depending on what you want to state. A well-designed marketing email should purposefully use the GIF to guide its guidance to CTA.




Do not underestimate the power of email marketing and make your emails stand out in the crowd by including GIFs. It can change the growth of your business in leaps and bounds.








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