GitHub Alternatives | 12 Version Control Service Providers 2022

Github Alternatives needed for the programmer, project manager and people who want to host their code online. These alternatives to GitHub are helping more prominent brands, coding organizations and others to perform and host their codes on their websites. I am a big fan of these alternatives because As a professional coder, I got many fantastic experience and services from these platforms.

Version Control of your project is also a thing for project managers to look out but every GitHub alternative solves the issue and makes their life easier.

GitHub is best for version control, code hosting and repository hosting but there are many advanced things now coder want except these stuff in current time. GitHub charges is also a reason to need GitHub alternatives for private accounts.

Many organizations need some help also from the platforms that also make this topic a hot term. As a programmer, I did some research to find this quality tool to host my program and coding file. There are a lot of suitable sites, but I choose only favorite and quality site to be the part of GitHub alternative.

Github alternatives

About GitHub

GitHub is a website and tool to host your programming files and codes online without any charge (if you use public account). Version Control is the best service of GitHub that means many people work on the same project and edit, delete and operate from different places. In it, every programmer can work independently by using their services.

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In GitHub, you can contribute some more significant project and collect some significant achievements to boost you programming carrier in future.

This website offers you lots of great things on your profile like following option, update chart and many more. You can solve any issue related to your projects by helping GitHub and these GitHub alternatives.

GitHub Alternatives For Programmers

There are numbers of GitHub alternatives if you’re looking for distributed version control software (DVCS). Here are few alternatives for GitHub.

1. BitBucket

Bitbucket allows you to have unlimited public and private repositories. GIT Client or GIT command line can be used to push files. It is for free for individuals or any organization with 5 members at Max.

The web interface can control it. This GitHub alternative permits you to host project pages at website for free. It allows you to make your own team at name.

One can use his own domain name for bitbucket website. BitBucket is always a top-notch choice in GitHub alternatives.

bitbucket github alternative

2. RhodeCode

RhodeCode is Second Version control option in the list of best GitHub alternatives. This GitHub alternative supports Mercurial git and subversion in a unified way. It is open source and can be installed on your machine.

RhodeCode provides high security and isolated environment for the coders. One of the problems with RHODECODE is that it is hard to troubleshoot if there is any problem or failure and the documentation is not bright enough.

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It is most suited for large organisation with 100 to 500 employees. This GitHub alternative is a paid source code host. It is build early and the packages starts from $18 a month. Kiln provides Git and mercurial version control.

One has to pay a separate amount for code review module. It also provide a trial which is free for 30 days. One can make domain of his at Kiln is a great contender for alternatives to GitHub option.

4. GitLab

GitLab permits its user to have unlimited public and private repositories for free. It handles large file and repositories in a better way than Git Hub. This alternative to GitHub is unique in a sense that you can install GitLab on to your server.

It facilitate with you with the option of using GIT lab on custom domain as well as with custom host. This tool is easy to get started on Git Hub than GIT lab. GIT lab does not have the feature of creating web pages for your repositories in few clicks as GitHub.

gitlab paid github alternative

It is required to have command line and manually generated ssh key and webhook configuration for creating the web page. I always prefer it for my client who wants free GitHub alternatives to Host their programming files.

5. Beanstalk

Beanstalk is also paid alternative for Github. Like kiln it also allows a free trial but for 14 days.

After 15 days you will be charged. It allows 5 users with the storage of 3 GB and the number of repositories allowed are 10 at maximum. Beanstalk supports subversion and GIT version control system. It cost $15 which is cheapest package “bronze.”

6. CodePlane

Codeplane is a paid source code host. It allows for the trial of 30 days for free as in the kiln. It is suitable for small companies. This Github alternative takes backup of your repository automatically and stores them in Amazon S3.

CodePlane allocates 2GB for your repositories. There is no range on the number of users or number of repositories. To use this tool, you have to spend $9 per month only.

7. Codeplex

Here you need the particular name for a project which has not been used before by any other project. Codeplex is Microsoft free open source code hosting service.

This tool provides you with the option of git, Mercurial, Team Foundation server as version control. Here all the CodePlex projects are private for 30 days after that your file will be deleted if not made public before the expiry date. There is no limitation for the number of users involved in the project.

One not allowed to create a custom website for your project. Codeplex permits you to create the project each of which gets a domain I prefer this option only when I needed GitHub pages alternatives. This website is closed down but its archive exist for some users.

8. Assembla

Assembla is a great platform that helps on software development. This tool like Github is a paid source code host, but for some specific time, it also offers a free trial as similar to other options. This GitHub alternative provides lots of tools that are easier to manage software projects.

assembla github alternatives

It is easy to adjust assignment and priorities. Assemble allows users to communicate with the developers and you to manage your software development repository (SVN or GIT) is built into the solution. Only cons is it is expensive.

9. GitKaren

GitKaren provides a suitable interface, good speed and an ability to provide ease of use for git. This Option consists of an undo button to go back if made a mistake which is quite handy. It has both free and pro version.

The free version is available to companies with 20 or less than 20 employees or nonprofitable shops. However, the pro version has several exclusive features multiple like profile support which allows you to separate your project.

GitKaren works on Mac, Linux machine, and windows.

10. Apache Allura

Allura is used for managing source code repositories, Wiki pages, blog, discussions and other content. It is an open source software by Apache.

To track issue in Ellora one can use markdown formatting and file attachment and issue tickets. It also has advanced search syntax which can be used to store frequent search queries.

Patrons developed the platform. It is not possible to verify codes with this system. You can select it if you are viewing open source GitHub alternatives.

11. Deveo

Deveo support GIT, version, mercurial repositories. In this repository can be accessed through https and ssh protocol. It has back end and front end in separate repositories, they both connect the same project.

The user can install Deveo on his server or directly use Devo’s cloud instant. It has few shortcomings like open source version of Deveo is not available, and the user has to spend some money to use the services that are €3 per user per month. This Github like site offers 30 days free trial.


Sourceforge post lots of open sources Linux, Windows and Mac projects. It is different from GitHub as one can create projects only with the unique name.

These Github Alternative hosts both Static and dynamic pages with the facility of integrating a CMS too. Sourceforge lets you create the website for each of your project at

Sourseforge paid and free github alternatives

One can push files two source foods through SFTP client it permits you to use GIT, Subversion Mercurial as project’s VCS on SourceForge. It is also a well-known member of GitHub alternatives.

Last Word

Now, I reach my last words about this article and in this journey gave you some excellent information that can help you to reach at best GitHub alternatives without any time lost. If you find some more GitHub alternative on other places, then please share them with me in the comment box.

I will add them to this article because that is helpful for my readers in future. Share this content in your community of programmer so that they can use these tools in future.

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