Great Mobile Games to Help Cure Boredom

There’s not much worse than being bored. Ok, that’s extreme hyperbole, but when you find yourself sat on a long journey somewhere with nothing to do, it can be a type of mental punishment. Luckily, if you’re reading this, then it means you are fortunate enough to be living through a time of breathtaking technological achievement. No longer are people forced to have to amuse themselves by counting clouds, staring into the distance, or playing the tedious I-spy. All of that kind of rudimentary nonsense is gladly now nothing more than a mere memory of humanity, because nowadays we have access to the latest and greatest smartphones.


Smartphones have now enabled users to be able to play exciting games on them, wherever they might be. There’s all kinds of different genres of mobile games available, including action, battle royale, role-playing, sports, and many more. Also, if you’re into gambling, there’s even fantastic mobile slots available in 2021, which allow you to ditch your bulky PC and gamble on the go. You can both play for free, or use real money. Plus, the mobile slots offer mesmerising speed, graphics, and game features, that will have you on the edge of your seat. There’s also some brilliant sign-up offers, that will have you feeling like a winner straight from the off.


Here are our recommended picks of great mobile games that will definitely help cure any boredom.


Bad North


A horde of mean Norse warriors are dead set on invading your tiny island. Sounds intense, right, well welcome to Bad North. The game was originally released onto consoles in 2018, but then made its way to Android and iOS phones in 2019, and are we glad it did, because the game is perfect for mobile. This is because it can be played in short bursts, as the levels are demanding but not too long. If you’re a strategy fan, and enjoy games like Civilization, then you’ll love this tricky real-time strategy title.


The gameplay is fast and frantic, as you work tirelessly to defend your land from the invaders. If that sounds too gritty for some, this is offset by the beautifully cartoony graphics, that bring the game a real heartwarming charm. Yes, even when you’re firing a thousand arrows into the sky, and pouring boiling oil off the walls.


Grid Autosport


This racing game bucks the trend of a lot of mobile based titles. Instead of being a game laden with adverts, and being plagued by lots of in-play purchases, it is an utterly complete release. It will cost you though, with the game being pricy for a mobile title. However, it’s worth every penny, as the racing simulation leaves all of its competitors eating its dust. Grid Autosport was released on Android in 2019, and is a stunning achievement of mobile gaming, making it a constant on best racing games for mobile phones lists. The graphics look incredible, and the realistic sound effects come roaring out from the phone.


As previously mentioned, this is strictly a simulation rather than an arcadey racer, so prepare for the game to be slightly tricky for first-timers to dip into. Once you’ve mastered the basics though, the game is a rip-roaring fun-fest, allowing you to experience neck-breaking speeds on your phone. The game has twenty-seven world locations you can race at, featuring a total of a hundred circuits that you can burn rubber on. If that wasn’t enough options, there’s also over a hundred cars that can all be individually customised and specifically tweaked. That’s a whole lot of game for you to get stuck into.


Alto’s Odyssey


This game is stunning. Honestly, you could pause the game at any moment and the image wouldn’t look out of place framed on your bedroom wall, or as the art on the cover of a stylish magazine. It has an art style that is both somehow simple and rich in detail. It helps that Alto’s Odyssey also has a wonderful game to go with the achingly attractive imagery on show. It was released in 2019 for iOS and Android, and is a side-scrolling endless runner, where you control a sandboarder who marauds across epic landscapes.


It was a big hit with critics, with the game receiving 88/100 on Metacritic reviews. It was also nominated for ‘Mobile Game of the Year’ at the SXSW Gaming Awards. Dive into this gorgeous world to see what all the fuss was about. Definitely beats looking out the window.

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