5 Easy Apps to Hack a Cell Phone with Number

A cheating or unfaithful partner is a very painful and hard situation to deal with. It can be helpful to catch someone like that in the act or clear them of any ill suspicion one may have. Sometimes we might even want to keep tabs on our kids and their whereabouts or the person they chat with online. You may need to hack a cell phone with just number.

Normally we might think that to perform the action above might be out of our pay grade. We might have pre notions regarding the feasibility and legality of such hacking apps. Spyier is one of the best apps for such spying purposes.  We begin by offering a detailed review for Spyier.

5 Best Ways to hack a Cell Phone with just Number

1#) Spyier

We believe that Spyier is probably the best app for hacking a cell phone today. The service has millions of downloads to its name and is available almost everywhere on top of being completely free. Even Toms Hardware has praised Spyier.

Spyier is 100 percent legal, works remotely and does not require for the target cell phone to be tampered with in any way. So, you don’t need to root or jailbreak a device. Spyier has hoards of features one can use to monitor or track someone. It does all the work for you to hack a cell phone with just number.

1. Some of the main features included are:

  • Track Location of a cell phone
  • Monitor the text messages
  • View All Call logs
  • Record keystrokes with keylogger
  • View Social Media activity
  • Stealth mode for anonymity

2. How to hack a Cell phone with the use of Spyier

Step 1

You will begin by visiting the Spyier website from any browser. Once at the website you will have to create an account by filling our necessary forms and details. Pay the amount that is asked. Amount will always be according to your package.

Step 2

Since Spyier works on both Android and Apple iPhones, the process is a little bit different for the two.

  • For Android Devices

Once you are done with Step 1, the service will give you a small file to download on the target Android device. This is important to be done; it cannot be done remotely either. No app can work remotely straight away without this step.

  • For Apple iOS devices

Process for iOS iPhones is quite easier. It can also be done remotely since all you need is the login credentials for the person’s cloud storage. Simply connect the target cloud storage with your Spyier account for full access.

Step 3

The entire job is now done and all that is left is to simply sit back and monitor a target cell phone. The process was very simple and easy and the app delivers surprising effective results. The app wil start to work in a few minutes after setting up.

Now you can use the various tracking and monitoring features of Spyier easily. The device is hacked and you are now in access to the tools required to unearth any dirty secrets your partner might have.

2#) Minspy

Minspy is probably the greatest completion for Spyier. The service is also very good and competent while offering similar features to Spyier. It is a fitting no 2 choice for our readers and anyone else interested.

Minspy is also completely legal and works remotely. It will work equally well on most modern Android devices and also iPhones. It has stealth mode through which it will keep your hacking a secret. The features of Minspy are also very competent, like location tracking and message history.

Overall, Minspy will not let anyone that uses it down. The plethora of features will ensure you get the most out of your time spent spying. Now you can view social media messages and even set up geofence alerts. All of this is for your own pride and at your own leisure.

3#) Spyine

Spyine is more of a lesser known name in the world of spyware apps. Don’t take the app lightly though, it has more than what meets the eye and it has proven its worth over time someone has questioned it with great results. Spyine is relatively easy to use and easy to install as well.

You can use Spyine to not online track someone’s movements and whereabouts, but also use it to view messages a person might receive on various social media platforms. Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook and even Instagram is now easily monitored with Spyine.

The consistency of results along with the well rounded features offered makes Spyine one of the better spy apps in the world today. It can be used easily through its online portal and works with the internet.

4#) Spyic

Spyic is one of the most famous hack apps in the world today. It is one of the most downloaded apps as well as having received great reviews from various top platforms like Android Authority and PC world. It works quite similarly to Spyier in many ways.

Spyic will allow users to monitor basic features such as text messages, call logs and some social media activity as well. The Spyic app will first be needed to be setup; this can be done by creating an account on the Spyic website and paying some amount of money for services. bulk sms provider

Spyic is another excellent choice for your spy needs. You can use it anyway you want, it is very flexible and the overall process of its use and the delivering of solid results makes it one of the best apps out there today.

5#) Neatspy

Lastly we have Neatspy. It is one of the more older and original spyware apps which made it to the market way before when this became a thing. It has proven its worth time and time again through consistent performance.

Neatspy also offers a very good range of features. Even after all this time they people there at Neatspy have managed to keep up with the best of the best in this category. You get most of the latest features along with the added profile of a time tested and trusted app.

It will be a good choice to use Neatspy for your spy needs most of the time. You get the basic features, and the added user friendly interface to go along with it.


All in all you can’t go wrong with any of the apps mentioned above. For winners and arguments sake we can say with confidence that Spyier is the best app amongst them. That was the reason why we offered a review for Spyier.

We hope we have now answered your queries regarding how to hack a cell phone with just number.  The 5 Easy operation apps to hack a cell phone have been listed and we hope we would have helped you tackle your personal issues.

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