How can I Get an Affordable Small Business Phone Number  

For those starting a new small business, the right phone number goes a long way. It can help create more opportunities, generate new business, or target the right customer.

In this case, cNumber lines definitely suit most businesses better than others. However, it also depends entirely on the customer’s vision. Whether it’s to go national, earn revenue from calls, increase call volume, or improve brand presence.

 Or even perhaps the intention is to build a customer database in specific regions. Or allow working remotely from anywhere. In this case, then using cNumber’s 0300 numbers is the best choice.

1#) Why 0300 is a good option to consider?

 Traditionally, most businesses used other lines such as 0845 numbers and 0870 numbers. However, the cost of calling these ranges can pile up, especially from a mobile. This can be quite the discouraging factor for callers trying to get in touch.

 This can prove to be a detrimental factor especially for a charity, public sector body, or non-profit company. However, with 0300 numbers, calls to these numbers are incorporated in most contracted mobile minutes and landlines. So, normally, clients aren’t charged for their issue.

 Case examples who use this line include charities like the RSPCA and Action Fraud. So do government departments: all well-known and respectable bodies and GP practices. For example, by taking an 0300 number, callers will give a similar level of loyalty.

 Since they can connect the business with reliable not-for-profit companies, it puts the organization’s official status beyond doubt. This can be a huge advantage, increasing the likelihood of receiving donations significantly.

 Plus, there’s an underlying memorability with an 0300 number, due to it being used by so many big names. This also translates to customers pressing the wrong digits less often, increasing the call volume. Other bonus reasons include:

  • Can receive calls made abroad
  • Wide choice of numbers available
  • Minimal regulatory restrictions

 2#) Conclusion

The benefit of business telephone numbers is that it’s not too difficult to find the right choice. It’s no game of phones. There is always a clear number that fits each business to a tee.

However, those looking to make a genuine impact are better off using cNumber’s 0300 numbers. As having a cNumber line that’s recognized as official, it leaves potential donors more likely to engage and increase endowments. After all, why use a premium number when sparing customers the extra costs is an option, right?!

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