How do I Install a Subwoofer in My car?

Installing a Subwoofer might not seem necessary in the beginning, given the tendency of saving a few bucks. But, the opinion changes once the sound from the speakers in your car turns bad. Subwoofers are nothing but a kind of speakers required to play sounds that are low-pitched which is also known as Bass and Sub-Bass.

Installing a car speakers in it may seem a little complicated, but following the steps mentioned below can help you do so simply in very little time.

Materials Required- Purchase a Wiring Kit

This does not come with the subwoofer, which means either you invest in a wiring kit or collect the following needed for the installation of the subwoofer. You need to read a guide at

  • Power Wire- 20 ft long
  • Ground Wire- 3 ft long
  • RCA wire with White & Red Connectors- 15 ft
  • Blue Remote Wire- 15 ft
  • Plastic Crimp Connector
  • Wire for speaker
  • In-line fuse- 50 amp
  • Fuse Holder
  • For connecting wires- Crimp Ring Terminals

Best Spot- Ventilated

As the speakers produce heat, to increase its longevity, the Subwoofers need to be placed at a well-ventilated space. Based on whether the Subwoofer you have purchased has a built-in amplifier or not, (in case it is not) you will need to choose the space accordingly. Popular spots for the subwoofer are in the Trunk and below the driver’s seat.

Switch Off- Car Batteries

Turn off the car ignition then open the hood to disconnect the batteries by turning the nut-bolts counter-clockwise using a wrench.

Pass the power cable through the firewall

Pass the longest red cable in the wiring kit through the firewall separating the car and the engine through a tiny hole.

Connect the Power Cord to the Battery

Strip off half-inch of the power cable on the battery side. Wire it through the in-line fuse and tape the rest of the exposed wire. Plug it to the positive terminal with a ring terminal. On the other side of the wire, pull it as long as you need to reach the subwoofer.

Plug RCA cables to Stereo

Plug-in the RCA cables to the colored stereo connectors at the back of it. Now from the bunch of colored wires connected to your stereo through a black connector, connect the blue stereo wire to the blue remote wire and replace the stereo at its original space.

Attach the ground wire to a metal bolt or screw on the car’s frame

Insulate half-inch of the black ground wire, crimp and pass it through a ring terminal to finally attach it to the metal bolt found at the sides near the rear tires of the car.

Install the amplifier if not already with the subwoofer

In case connect both the systems matching wires and the plug points in both the system.

Plug-in the Power Cable to the amplifier

Now find the slot for power cable or battery or 12V to finally plug in the red power cable to the amplifier. Insulate, crimp and attach it to the amplifier by rotating the screw at the slot anti-clockwise, only to insert the wire and turn the screw tight.

Connect the Remote wire

Connect the remote wire from the stereo to the amplifier’s remote slot.

Connect the ground wire

To divert the excess electricity connect the Ground Wire to the amplifier’s negative slot.

Attach Speaker wires and RCA cables

Connect speakers to amplifier and subwoofers with speaker wires and plug the RCA cables at the back of the amplifier.

Switch On the Car batteries

Turn the bolts clockwise again to turn on the batteries and pull the ignition and start the car to try the car sounds.

Despite the excess number of wires and the complicated steps, you will know how simple the installation process is once you take the first step.

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