How Point-of-Sale Systems Have Evolved

Point of sale systems have become more advanced than ever. Some companies are even using AI and machine learning to increase their chances of making a sale or providing customers with more resources. In fact, restaurant technology trends show that tabletop POS gadgets are making it easier for guests to order delicious goodies on impulse.

The truth is that today’s businesses are moving faster than ever. The amount of control and intelligence that a new POS system can bring to a business is staggering when compared to the traditional cash registers. The shift in technology has allowed many small businesses to gain leverage on much larger corporations that haven’t adopted modern POS systems.

Make It Easier for Customers to Pay

The biggest friction point in any funnel is the point at which you ask a customer to pay. If the process for payment is difficult to do, then why would you want to do it? Some customers will lose interest in a restaurant if the wait time is over 10 minutes!

Today’s modern POS can really change the game for a business by allowing for fast, mobile payments on the go. For instance, restaurants can use these new systems to allow customers to pay at the table, even splitting the check and adding a tip.

Taking Customer Surveys

Want to inspire some loyalty and see how your restaurant is performing? You can use POS systems for guest surveys. They can write a review of the food and service, even joining your loyalty program if you provide an email subscription with your POS checkout process.

Getting More Customer Data

Does your business have a central CRM? For most systems, it’s comparable to your email contact list, but now there are systems dedicated to collecting data and matching it up with your customers. You can combine a POS and CRM to do amazing marketing for your business, as well as collect important statistics about your business’ performance and customers.

New POS machines are able to combine real-time transactions with CRMs in new and powerful ways to increase sales. This ultimately leads to better review overall, as you’ll be able to communicate with your customers better. You can simply start creating client records and use email marketing to bring customers close to your brand.

Better Security and Faster Updates

Did you know that new POS systems can be updated from a central location? It used to be that you had to have a technician come out to fix one of the most important pieces of software in your business. However, many fixes and updates can be done remotely and automatically, saving you a ton of trouble. This also makes it easier for small businesses to get in on the action.

Lower Costs

While POS systems used to be quite expensive, newer models are easily deployed and integrated as part of your business. You can start seeing more revenue and even track your daily transactions, along with your profits and losses.

With the combination of lower entry costs and more ways to introduce revenue, these systems have truly changed the game for most businesses. Just by looking at restaurant technology trends, we know that POS machines can enhance everything about your business.

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