How to break-through in the travel journalism industry?

Traveling is a passion for a lot of people. At the same time, when you are a passionate writer, there is a right career path open for you. You may aim to become a successful travel journalist. As a journalist, you can move to different places free of cost and get paid for your writings. Global trips, free travel, and your fame as a journalist- all these things glam up travel journalism as a career. However, it is not all rainbows and beaches. It is actually tough to make a breakthrough as a travel writer. But with the right techniques, you can certainly do it. We have tried providing a few of them to help you.

What is travel journalism?

Travel blogging and travel-related journalism are different from each other. The latter is a separate writing genre. The journalists have to tell stories, relaying the facts related to a place. They need to write something more than the review of a hotel or museum. As a journalist, you have to develop content about the travel industry or travel. You can pitch story ideas, write a report on a particular destination or interview the professionals, working in the travel sector.

Get inspiration from famous travel journalists:

Simon Calder, from the United Kingdom, is one of the reputed travel writers. Presently, The Independent newspaper has employed him as a travel editor.

As one of the freelance travel journalists, Jill Starley-Grainger has also earned a high reputation.

Another celebrated travel writer and editor is Mark Hodson. He has also worked for the newspaper –The Sunday Times.

To have a bright future as travel journalists, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Have a Journalism degree:

Find out the best journalism school and go through a course to get a degree. However, for freelance travel journalists, this degree is not always essential. You have the option of working for magazines, newspapers, television channels and online sites. Your writing style may be different, based on your chosen journalism type.

  • Start a Travel blog:

Your first step to becoming a journalist is to show your enthusiasm in writing anything about travel. Thus, you have to develop a blogging platform to write travel-related content. Try to write thought-provoking and interesting articles. For example, if you spent the summer road trip around the US, you could use the knowledge you gained from this experience to write a blog post about how to plan a road trip. After 6 to 7 months, you may start to pitch your articles to travel editors.

  • Start Vlogging:

Just like blogging, vlogging is a very innovative way to establish a good travel journalist. You may have recently visited an art gallery, a suave restaurant or a nearby city. Your audience would love to find a good story. Contradictory to popular opinion, there is no need of traveling several miles to do it. Use the vlogging technique for presenting your story. To create videos for vlogging, you may rely on Invideo, a video creating tool.

  • Make out a new and different writing angle:

Most of the novice writers believe that as they have a high interest in travel, they can start developing content. However, it will never take them on the right path to becoming a travel journalist. You have to take time for finding the facts and useful resources. When you are writing for a travel guidebook, you must make sure that you are adding some new and obscure information that others might not have covered. Take information from the reliable sources for unraveling the facts.

  • Learn the way of pitching a story:

It is an essential skill, as a travel journalist. You must maintain a crisp and clear voice to pitch the story to any editor. However, you have to know everything about the publication, destination type, readership, and its style. The editor might reject your writings. Still, you have to stay persistent with your work.

  • Over-doing is a mistake. Try to avoid it:

You can think of composing an interesting blog on a place, very popular among travelers. However, you must avoid over-egging any destination. You can target an area for your travel writings. Then, you have to find the underlying appeal of that place.

The best trick for you is to make an effort to refine your writing skills. You know that a player spends several hours honing his skill. Similarly, as a travel writer, you have to learn journalism techniques and the editors’ requirements.

  • Find the paths to get into the travel journalism industry:

One of the best options to find opportunities is internships. They help you in having communication with the editors. Try to secure an internship position in any travel-related journal. You will have a chance of working as a writer in the future. However, you may also start your career as a sub-editor. Editing and rewriting are the primary tasks of the sub-editors.

  • A specialism in writing will be advantageous for you:

It is always essential to have a better relationship with some commissioning editors, while you are going to pitch them. The editors will know about your writing quality and make sure that your writings are relevant to their publication. However, to get more values, you may try to have a specialism in your writings. For instance, you can present interesting travel-related insights from the perspective of someone, having knowledge of sports, history or art.

  • Always be unique:

The editors of travel journals look for fresh content. To be the best writer, you have to create a brief, precise and original piece. You must not write several long paragraphs in your content. Your target is to present a significant idea clearly. Do not make a mess while writing anything. You can create a unique format to write the content for your articles.

  • Never be too ambitious:

You may have a dream of working with well-known travel magazines in this world. It is good to have ambition as a potential travel journalist. However, as a new writer, you may not be able to get some space on the page of celebrated magazines. Start working with small websites and local newspapers. They may not pay you or pay a minimal amount. However, they are the points from where you can start your journey to develop the career.

Thus, our tips will guide you on how to be a travel writer or journalist. Follow these tips to earn more money as one of the journalists. Your writings will also give values to the travelers or enthusiastic travel journal readers.


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