How to Create Videos with Animoto and Make Them Sell

For anyone who runs an online business today they need to use marketing methods that will help them to drive traffic to their site. Today there are hundreds of ways for one to drive traffic to a site but some are proving to be more effective than others.  So if you are looking for a way to actually begin to get more traffic coming to your site and get them to convert to sales then now is the time to start using video marketing instead.

Of all the ways that you can use today to help brand you as an expert in your chosen market then video marketing is by far the easiest way to do this. If you are someone who has never used videos before to market an online business then the process can be very daunting. There are tools and techniques you need to master unlike article marketing where you can get an article for $5 -$8, videos can be expensive. One option is to learn how to create your own videos using Animoto and get popular on YouTube.

How to Make a Video with Animoto and get popular on YouTube

Add text to the images.

You have two options for adding text to your video in Animoto. First, you can add text directly to your images using any graphics program you have access to. Windows users should have Paint installed on their computer. Or you can download a free graphics editing program like or Gimp. With these programs you just need to open each image that you want to add text to and type. You can format the text in any way that looks appealing to you; just don’t use a font that is hard to read. Make the text centered on the image and use a font size of 16 to 20 so the text shows up well in the final product. Now your video has completed, post it on YouTube. If you are not getting too many views, don’t fret; buy youtube views on your videos. Share your thoughts with us!

Collect imagery from authentic sites

If you don’t already have these images on your computer then does a search on free image sharing sites like Flickr for royalty free images you can use. Clipart images work well for this purpose too. If you have a hard time finding enough good images for your video then you may have to resort to purchasing professional images from places like iStock Photo. It may cost you a few bucks but the images you can find there are outstanding.

Caution: Review the terms of any images you may select from free image sharing sites. Some may require that the image provider is properly credited. Be sure you save all images in .jpg or .gif format.

Write your video’ script

Write the script of your video. Here is an example: “Does your dog have trouble behaving?” “Put an end to the stress and embarrassment of your dog’s behavior problems!” “. . . And slash you dog obedience training time in half. . . ” “by using techniques that gives you immediate results!” “Go to for my secret dog training tips.”

If your video will be longer than 30 seconds then you will need a longer script than that, but you get the idea. You can even use a few sentences or bullet points from the sales page of the product to get you going.

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