How To Do Analysis Of Competitors’ Link Profile and Keywords In 2019

As an SEO specialist, I always need to do some analysis for my clients to create new backlink or find some of the keywords for them. It is the most necessary thing to get as much data about your competitor or the new search opportunities for many websites.

If you are also starting a career in SEO or digital marketing, then you need to understand this way so that you can perform well in your company or for your blog. I will tell you the tested and working process that worked for me in the past and people that teach me this process.

First, I will explain to you the process and need for competitor analysis that you require to understand in the modern world of SEO. Second thing, I will teach you the process of finding a new keyword or choose the right keyword to do work for your website.

This ride is going to be amazing and beautiful because I will also tell you some short tricks and things in the midway of the guide. You will thanks me later for that and use them to get great result for your website.

What Tool You Need To Use For The Analysis

There are many tools that you can use to do competitor analysis, site audit, or keyword research, but not all of them are worthy and useful. So, You need to select a legitimate source that can provide you the trust able data because all your research depend on that data.

For example, you put a keyword in the keyword research tool to know about the search per month, and if the data is not closed to the real numbers then you can go into the wrong direction, and it will throw into the mixup. So, it is pretty necessary for SEO to choose the right keyword explorer tool, and the same thing applies to the rank tracker or competitor link analysis tool.

I also prefer the same source that provides all the services because it is easy to research on similar data. It also helps you with the subscription because you will get some discount to use the same services from a site.

Note: Please use genuine links explorer, free tools does not have that much crawled pages and cannot share you full details. Choose those tool that has more crawled pages, and you can download them on your system because some time offline tools will help you to get the data in excel or docs format.

So, now, after doing lots of talks, I want to tell you my tool that I used to the backlinks of my competitors and use for keyword research and site audit. I use link-assistant tools to get my keywords. You can try free keyword research tool to get lots of data. It is fantastic and works great in my analysis for any keyword.

Note: Some people suggest ahref, semrush, keyword explorer, and many tools, and I also tried them in the past but did not get a great result from them.

How To Do Analysis of Competitors Backlink

It is easy to analyze the competitors backlink in the modern world for that you need to follow some twisted and straightforward process. You can do you own this process Because it is considerably accessible to explore and analyze the backlink profile of your competitor’s website. You do not need to follow any unethical process to do it, and it is not wrong in the world of SEO>

Let assume, you want to start an SEO campaign for a site and want to rank better than your competition then what you will do?

As SEO say that you can do two stuff, first you can prepare better and useful content as compared to your competition. The second thing you can follow the backlinks he made in the past or people giving him for his content quality. To do this task, you need to follow the given steps.

1. Search your keyword on google and make a sheet with the list of sites which are ranking better than your website.

2. FIlter the file with the sites that are providing the same values as your site because in present-day google put a different kind of content related to the same keyword to offer more diversity to their search engine.

3. Now, you can use any of the tools that you want to know about your backlink.

4. Select only those links from this new list that you think providing the values to the site to rank. Now, start the link building for your website, and you will rank better from the original one.

How To Do Analysis of Keywords

TO do this kind of task you need to be smart and research depth because it is not easy to find valuable keywords in the present. Keyword analysis needs lots of skill and knowledge what will work or not.

Now, I will tell you the best way that I used in the past and find valuable keywords for my blog or client’s sites.

1. First thing, I always use that you need to find sites in your niche and make a list of them.

2. Now, put it into any site analysis tool and get all the keywords that your competitor is ranking currently.

3. You can select low competition keyword from the list in the start but after your site gets old then try the harder keyword because you need authority to rank for the trending terms.

4. You can also take the help of Google’s related search query to find the keywords that are related to your website.

5. In most tools, you got an option of similar keywords or also rank for kind of keywords. Put your keyword there and explore it to find the related phrases in the niche that you can try on.

Note: if you are newbie then go with long tail keywords and use low competition keywords for your blog or company. It is pretty hard to rank high competitive keywords nowadays; it also takes a lot of time to go into the top three positions of SERP.

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