How to File for Divorce Online & Things to Know

Have you heard about online divorce? If you have, you might be wondering how it works and if it is an option for you. Many couples are choosing this route for a number of reasons. If you and your spouse are seeking an online divorce and want to know how to do it, then this article is for you. We will discuss everything that couples seeking an annulment need to know.

1#) How to file for a divorce online

Filing for an online divorce is simple and convenient. It’s much less complicated than using a lawyer. This is one of the reasons why many couples seek out a divorce over the internet – there is no need to use a lawyer. And because you don’t need a lawyer for an online annulment, you will save money. In some cases, thousands of dollars. And because you aren’t waiting days at a time for an appointment to see a lawyer, online divorce is also much faster.

So what needs to happen? You will first need to qualify for an online divorce. This is possible if you and your spouse agree on all the terms and conditions of your divorce – known as an uncontested divorce, and you meet the residency requirements for the location where you want to file.

So if you agree on major issues in your annulment, such as custody and how to divide your assets, you know the location of your spouse, and you have met the residency requirements for the state where you want to file for a divorce, you can proceed.

If you choose to use an online divorce service follow the next few steps:

  • Go to the online divorce website of your choice.
  • Answer a few questions to see if you qualify.
  • Enter your name and your contact information, such as cell phone number and email address.
  • Provide specific details about your spouse, including their current location.
  • Complete online questions about the details of your case, including whether you have children, property, etc.
  • Enter your payment method and confirm the process.

It’s that easy. You will be sent your completed divorce papers, specific to your case, usually within two business days. They will be ready to file, you just need to print them and sign them. The online divorce company will also give you detailed instructions on how to file the papers at the court, including what supporting documents will need, such as bank statements, proof of income and salary, and your custody plans if you have children. After filing, you might also need to set a date for your court hearing to finalize your divorce.

2#) Why do people choose online divorce services?

  • It’s affordable. You can get a divorce over the internet for as little as $139.
  • You don’t need to use a lawyer
  • Online divorce is convenient, as you can do it all without leaving home.
  • In many cases, it also offers a quick divorce option.
  • You will have help every step of the way from customer service.

What if you decide to use your local court’s website to get a divorce? That’s also fine. It might be a bit more complicated in the sense that you will need to do everything yourself. To make sure you don’t make any mistakes on the paperwork, you’ll need to do some research and familiarize yourself with your state’s divorce laws.

  • First, check your state’s court website, or you can ask your court’s clerk to find out what papers you need. After completing the papers, you can file them with the court and pay the court filing fee. Before filing, remember to make a few copies.
  • After filing, you’ll need to serve your spouse with a copy of the Complaint and Summons. A professional server can do this for a small fee, or you can use anyone over the age of 18 who is not a party in the case.
  • Together, you and your spouse should come up with a divorce agreement that works for both of you, so that your case can proceed as uncontested, allowing it to be completed in minimal time and at minimal costs. This will include how to divide your assets and debts and a parenting plan for the care and maintenance of any minor children. Many couples agree that using an attorney for this part would be wise. The reason for this is that you don’t want to agree on something that will affect you negatively in the future. An attorney can help you come up with a good agreement that will have a positive outcome for many years to come. Your attorney will also ensure that your agreement is fair. This settlement should be put in writing and submitted before the final hearing.
  • Attend your hearing and have your divorce finalized.

3#) Why do some couples choose a DIY divorce?

Once again, DIY divorce is much cheaper than the traditional way. Since lawyers make up the bulk of the expenses in any divorce, not using a lawyer will save you the most money. A DIY divorce is an especially viable option if you don’t have children and have only been married for a short period of time.

4#) What else you need to know

Always make sure that you really want a divorce before starting the process. Choosing a reputable online divorce company will ensure that your divorce will run smoothly and be 100% legit. It’s recommended that when choosing an online divorce service, you pick a company that has been around a long time with a proven track record. But remember that divorce over the internet can only be used if your divorce is uncontested. If you and your spouse are having child custody battles or share a business, it is better to use a lawyer to help you fight for what you want out of the process.

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