How to find the right Facebook accounts to “follow and friend”

Based on one of the most powerful ways to market on Facebook at a guerrilla level is to follow people who like the same categorical interests your target audience members have. A lot of social media marketers are completely ignorant of this.

They think that they just need to run a bot and the bot would follow every random person they find knowing full well that a certain percentage of those people would accept their friend request. These marketers don’t care who they follow. They don’t even pay attention if the accounts they try to friend have a profile picture or not. Believe it or not, whether the account you’re trying to friend has a picture is a good indication of whether the account is real or fake. What is a fake FB account? It’s an account that is managed by a bot to do automated tasks. Believe me, you don’t want your brand associated with such accounts. Seeing a ton of such accounts on your friend list is usually the kiss of fb marketing death.

It turns out that most of the accounts that would accept your friend request are also marketers if not bots. You end up in a circle jerk where you try to send marketing messages to people who are sending you marketing messages too. It’s like a spam cycle.

There is a better approach. You have to find people who are genuinely interested in the kind of topic categories you talk about. These are influence leaders. These are people who are hungry for the latest and greatest information in your subject matter category.

How do you know these people? Think about it. They volunteer themselves. They are usually the ones who are most likely to comment or post content on Facebook groups that are in your target interest range.

You need to find highly active people, interact with them first on Facebook groups and Facebook pages. Once you are on their radar and they think you’re legit, that’s when you visit their walls and like their content.

Once they see this pattern, they would think that you’re legit, a real person and that you are truly interested in. That’s the point where they are more likely to accept your friend request. Now, how do you make these accounts make money for you?

This is actually the easy part. Once you have created a friend following who are laser targeted as far as their niche focus is concerned, you only need to post the very best content on your wall that mirrors the kind of content that they’re already engaging with.

There’s really no rocket science here. You have to understand that people on Facebook are already giving away to the public what they’re interested in. It’s an open book. The moment you click a link or leave a comment, you’re exposing your psycho-social and marketing profile to the rest of the world.

That’s why Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing platforms on the planet. But you don’t have to pay a penny. It’s free. You just have to know how to target the right accounts. And if you follow the steps that I mentioned above, you know what to do.

You can use all sorts of software to automate this. But you need to pay close attention to target the right people. It’s all about rifle shots, not shotgun blasts.

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