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League of Legends was initially released by the Riot Games on 27 October 2009.

League of Legends is a game of non-paying free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena genre, also known as the MOBA. Game development company Riot Games claims that the game has up to 8 million active logins daily. The game has more than 100 million monthly active participants. It is the world’s most-watched esport tournament, surpassing the equivalents of Fortnite and CS: GO.


There are approximately 140 league champions to pick from, for each champion having various attributes, disadvantages, skills, and statistics.

The goal of the game is to kill the opposition’s Nexus, located in the middle of their base after destroying a sequence of defense systems.

All champions begin each game at level 1 and eventually move up to level 18 within that match.

Play - League of Legends

The higher the level, the stronger a champion becomes, and the more damage they can inflict on enemies and buildings.

When a champion dies, they are not out of the match – they will return to their Nexus after passing a certain period of time.

Different Roles/Lanes

League of Legends is played on a map called Summoner’s Rift. There are four different sections: Top Lane, Bottom Lane, Middle Lane, Mid Lane, and Jungle.

Each professional player specializes in a certain role, with each role relating to a certain section of the map. The five positions of the competitive squad are Top Laner, Mid Laner, Jungler, ADC/Attack Damage Carry, and Support.


Both teams engage ten players (five players each) in the League of Legends match, to control a single champion. There are currently more than 140 champions, with new playable characters constantly introduced over time.

Each character has unique abilities and techniques with distinct skill sets. There are a lot of tactics needed when you team up with your co-op to formulate tactics of champs that fit well together.


Summoners must eradicate all defenses in a minimum one row, and then remove the last two defenses that shield the Nexus from being able to strike and kill it. Minions can continue to spawn from the Nexus of each base, going through all three lanes.

The three lanes are known as the top lane, the mid lane, and the bot lane. On all three lanes, certain turrets can attack enemy champions and minions. When an inhibitor is killed, revamped minions, named Super Minions, can spawn until the inhibitor has rejuvenated.

The Fountain and Shop are at the initial stage of each level. You will go back to your fountain at any point during the game to recover or buy items. All summoners have the ability to the Recall function. Please be cautious to use it carefully since you might get interrupted when using it. You will respawn at the shop after you die.

Killing a minion, defense, or enemy champ provides gold to players.

You can use the earned gold to buy in-match items from the shop. There is a wide range of in-game items that fit your tactical conditions. You can choose items from the shop according to your tactics.


The quantity of experience gained in a game is driven by several guidelines. Each match rewards approximately 50 and 300 XP, with an average amount of about 200 XP. Experience benefit can be determined based on the cumulative number of minutes spent during the match, whether the match is won or not, the first win of the day is earned.

The experience acquired for Co-op vs. AI games is limited for Summoners with a rank of 10 or higher. The average period any game has to run to be qualified for rewards is 7 minutes, with games running less than 7 minutes are not considered for rewards.

You need to reach level 30 because then only you will be eligible to enjoy the game at its fullest. Ranked gameplay will unlock and you can climb up to higher tiers and get to unlock champion skins and stuff and sometimes even RP.

It requires more than a month of daily gameplay to get level 30 in the League of Legends (40,560 XP is required) There are alternative solutions to leveling fast. Or you can buy smurf level 30 accounts.

Aussyelo provides legit level 30 smurf accounts with which you can start playing ranked ASAP.

Premium Currency

Premium currency for League of Legends is called RP (Riot Points).

You can do quite a lot of things with this currency.

Purchase Champions, Champion skins, Chromas, experience boosters, Bundles, additional rune pages, Eternals,  Summoner icons, Hextech Crafting materials, Little Legends eggs, Emotes,   Events pass, Ward skins, Arena SkinsClash premium tickets, Change your summoner name, and Transfer your account to another Riot server.

Esport League

Professional League of Legends competition is overseen by Riot Games, the studio which created the game. There are four professional leagues at the top level of the game, with each taking place in a specific region. The 2019 World Championship, held in Europe, offered a total prize pool of $2.2 million. The winners, FunPlus Phoenix from China, went home with $835,000.

SK Telecom T1 from South Korea owns the existing record with 3 world champion victories. They were champions in 2013, 2015, and also in 2016.

Current Best Player

Faker is the first player to reach both 1,000 and 2,000 kills in the League of Legends Champions Korea. He is one of only two players to have won three World Championship titles. He has won a total of $1,254,240.23 in prize money throughout his career. Faker plays for SK Telecom T1.


Stop worrying about what to play, and start playing League of Legends. Get to the top of the ranked ladder to gain access to the World League of Legends Championship presented by Esports. Show the world your skill, passion, and determination.

Make a team of five players, and lead them to victory. Be the champion of the champions. Focus on the championship to get entitled to the League of Legends champion trophy and earn the prize money as well.

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