How to Protech Your Business From Security Threats

Using the internet for everyday business tasks is important to maintaining productivity, especially as technology continues to develop. Another current reason to use the internet for business right now is due to the current COVID crisis.

If you own a business, then you have probably told most of your employees to work from home. While the idea might be good in theory, in reality, there will be challenges you’ll face that you might not expect. One of these challenges might be keeping your database secure. Let’s take a look at how to protect your business from security threats as your employees work remotely.

1. Backup Your Data

How many times have you been told to back up your personal computer? Well, you probably hear this ten times as much at work from the IT department. It’s one of those things that is easy to forget to do until it’s too late and you’ve lost everything.

If you want to keep your company’s data safe and make sure that it doesn’t get into the wrong hands or lost completely, it’s vital that you back it up regularly. This can also help you recover any information you might lose due to a technical glitch, or a virus. The best part is that backing up company data is usually affordable, and a relatively straightforward process.

2. Secure Your Network

When you and your employees were working in the office before the COVID pandemic, you might not have put a lot of thought into securing your internet network. You knew that only people in the office had access to it, so there was no need.

Now, though, you’ve got people working remotely, and some might be telecommuting. When you’ve got rogue devices that are leaving the main port, it’s important that you secure the network. This way, random people and potential hackers can’t jump on and steal information when the network is exposed in random places.

3. Use Insider Threat Software

One thing to take note of during this time is that not all security threats to your company’s data are going to come from the outside. While there’s a good chance that you vet your employees before you hire them, you get someone who tries to take advantage of the system every now and then.

With this being an all too real possibility, it’s important that you protect your company’s data from the inside, too. Whether you have a few people or hundreds of people accessing the company database every day, it’s vital that you keep it safe with insider threat detection software to reduce the risk.

4. Filter Spam

Another way that hackers will try to infiltrate your company’s database is by sending your mailing system spam. Spam ranges from being crude to highly sophisticated, to the point where you just have to open an email for security to be breached.

With this being the case, it’s important that you have a strong filter for spam. This way, you can keep your information safe, and keep those hackers at bay.

With everything happening in the world right now, it’s an ideal time for hackers and phishers to try and infiltrate company security systems to steal data. Keep those security measures in place, and have peace of mind about your business.

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