The Importance of Digital Marketing in the Online Gaming Industry

Digital marketing is vital to every industry in an age when consumers are spending more time online than ever before. However, it is arguably online gaming firms that stand to benefit most from leveraging the tools at their disposal to connect with customers in a digital context.

Here is an examination of why this is true and what advantages organizations in this industry stand to gain if they take a proactive approach to digital marketing.

Gaming is a mainstream, adult pursuit

In spite of still being seen as a hobby that appeals to younger people, the fact of the matter is that gamers are not just teenagers or single people living in their parents’ basement; they come from all walks of life, and thus represent a huge market which is ripe for businesses to flourish within.

From Baby Boomers ploughing thousands of hours into the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator to Millennials playing live casino games on their daily commute, the online gaming ecosystem is vast, diverse and rife with opportunities for developers and publishers to make bank.

This makes digital marketing crucial for a commercial perspective, since to appeal to any demographic it is necessary to target them where they are most likely to engage with promotional material. Today, that typically means making use of social media, since four out of five adults use sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on a daily basis. When hundreds of billions of dollars in sales are at stake, no business can afford to ignore the potency of an effective digital marketing strategy.

Performance is measurable

Another of the perks that digital marketing brings to the table in an online gaming context is making ROI far easier to measure.

Placing an ad in a newspaper, plastering billboards on the side of buildings or paying for TV spots is all well and good, but it’s tough to track the impactfulness of these old-school approaches to marketing. Conversely if you promote a tweet about a game, pay an influencer to talk about it on Twitch or invest in paid search ads, every single interaction and conversion can be monitored and analyzed to a minute degree.

The analytical scope of digital marketing platforms means that it is not just simpler to trace the journey a customer takes from first encountering your product to actually using it, but also means that when conversions are not achieved you can assess what went wrong and make changes to improve your chances in the future.

Given just how competitive the online gaming industry has become, this is a significant detail. For every success story, like Fortnite and Fall Guys, there are failed attempts that fall by the wayside; 2K Games found out this the hard way with Battleborn, for example.

The tools and platforms are flexible and varied

When it comes to encouraging innovation and giving marketers as much flexibility as possible, digital advertising is second to none.

From full-blown cinematic trailers showcased on YouTube to stories shared on Instagram to polls published on Twitter, there are so many different ways to court the attention of prospective customers and generate buzz.

Likewise if you do manage to gain traction with a particular campaign, the nature of social media trends means that people will do the hard work for you and share your content far and wide. Games have been able to rise from obscurity thanks to appearing on Reddit, even without the need for paid promotion, which demonstrates how versatile digital marketing can be.

So there you have it, the essential benefits of digital marketing laid bare for online gaming companies to harness. Going forward, it seems that this will only become more important for the industry.

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