10 Essential Tips for Improving your Web Design

Everyone who is the website owner or designer you could once be faced with some mistakes or problems with your current design.

As the first step, you should make the list of “problems” that new web design should solve. There is no typical way or one answer for all. If you have a couple of questions and problems that you would like to improve, you should find the decision that will fit well only for your requirements.

If you have understood that your site needs a redesign, the first thing to do is to find a website design and development company.

Always keep in mind that the contractor should be reliable and have the right expertise. For example, if the company uploads a website for Awards, these guys could deal with a massive amount of requirements and criteria.

The website design of your project is a crucial stage for your business. The design shouldn’t be only clean, smooth, and have beautiful colors – it should cover the business requirements. The website should convert and help customers to make the right decision on the site. You could check or copy this list with tips. These will helps you to avoid a non-working new design.

10 essential tips for improving your web design

1. Hierarchy is your best friend

Even the website design has its hierarchy system, which helps catch the users’ attention to the essential elements first. It would help if you always remembered that you could use the hierarchy in many ways, but chose that one that works for you.

2. Ensure that the layout and patterns convey the right message without overwhelming visitors that could be your next customers

The user or customer should understand where he or she is now and what will be the next steps. Don’t forget about white space-it is also essential, and it is a vital design element. It helps to break up the page and increase readability for your users.

3. Mobile-first!

Take care of the mobile and responsive version of your website. Without this, Google won’t love your website. Users usually come to the mobile version of the site for the first time, and if they want to cooperate with your business, they will go to the web. The mobile version should have the same elements as the desktop one; it helps to make it convenient to use.

4. Use high-quality text layout and typography

Quality layout and typography are essential for the project as a good design. If the layout is terrible and buggy, the user won’t be tolerated to this and will go to the competitors’ websites. The best example of inspiration is Swedish typography.

5. You should avoid trends!

Trends quickly become obsolete. If you don’t want to return to the design creation every year, it is better to do the design just stylish.

6. Use natural colors

If the website’s primary goal is to hold the users and increase conversion, then try to use the natural colors for the call-to-action elements. Don’t use bright colors. If you have a brand bible and style guide – ask your contractor to use it; if you don’t – this is the best time to create it.

7. Don’t use a fixed scroll

A fixed scroll restricts the user and prevents him from freely familiarizing himself with the content. The fixed scroll also works poorly on all mobile and tablet devices. So it could confuse your customer and makes him angry.

8. Work on your content

Or let the contractor do this for you. Content is also essential for your website. Right content could increase the speed of page loading. Google likes unique content and brings such sites up by itself. If you have done the excellent content one time, you could use it several times on the different pages and platforms. Content helps you to attract traffic.

9. Call/Contact/Chat/Instagram

Help your users to chat with you. Sometimes customers need a personal contact or need help. If you provide the opportunity to chat or send the email in the footer of your website, it will help get more customers and traffic to your social media.

10. Contractor

It always helps to check reviews and feedback from previous clients of these companies. Go to the Instagram profile of this company, and read feedback on From such feedback, you could understand deliverables, project management, customer-orientation strategy, and transparency in the relationships with the clients.

These tips will help you anyway, but more importantly, it is the feedback that will be provided by the contractor after the discovery stage for your website. Non-typical decisions an the right answers should be done personally, and the right contractor with similar to your project expertise could do it correctly.

We wish you the only best result for all your projects!

Please don’t use a fixed scroll, and background music on your websites!

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