Influencers Reveal 17 of their Most Secret Instagram Hacks

Have you found yourself stuck in a rut regarding your Instagram account? Perhaps you don’t think you’re standing out, or you have fewer followers than expected. Most importantly, what can you do to go from being obscure to having the most liked post on the platform? 

Here is the best-kept secret in the Instagram community: everyone is buying followers. At the very least, everyone gets started by buying their first likes and followers. Through buying followers, your account gets its first boost. It appears on explore pages and at the very top of news feeds due to high engagement.

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So, here’s how to get followers on instagram – check out our recommended site called Leoboost, where the followers come from real accounts. If you already have a large following, people will trust you, and you will be well on your way to building a platform. 

After that vital first step, here are 17 awesome tips that will help boost your Instagram’s account engagement and even likes. 

  • Emphasize your text

Peruse your Photo Library and pick a random picture. Then click on the drawing pen icon, choose a color, and hold it. Thus, you will get a solid, monocolor background.

It is perfect for making your message stand out and representing the honest you.

  • Special lettering

Make your message stand out in your pictures by providing a background for each letter.

It’s as simple as selecting a picture, clicking the text icon, then inputting the first letter of your word along with font choice and background. 

Then click on the drawing pen and use a tool to place the letter anywhere in the photo. Do this for every other letter, and you will have a visually striking image. 

  • More Colors

To go beyond the 27 basic color options, click on the drawing pen and find a color that resonates with you. Tap and hold the color and then like magic, a palette of gradient colors will appear.

With so many gradient options for each color, enjoy picking one that makes your pictures stand out and represent your authentic self. 

  • Rainbow-colored text

Create a rainbow effect with your text by doing the following:

  1. Select your text
  2. Hold your thumb on any color on the color palette while also placing a thumb on the text
  3. Move both thumbs to the left.
  • 3D Fonts

Your pictures are now infinitely better thanks to the wide array of colors at your disposal. But don’t forget about your text. And here’s a simple trick to make them really stand out by looking like 3D.

Click the drawing pencil, write down the word or phrase you want to use, and color the text black.

Then write the same text again, but with a different color, and align the new text on top of the black text.

  • More Fonts

Make your text stand out more by accessing fonts outside of Instagram.

While having another browser open on your phone, double tap the home button (iPhone users only) and switch to another tab. Then use and select the Fancy Text option.

From there, follow these steps:

  1. Type in your text
  2. Choose from a wide variety of fonts
  3. Copy and paste your text on your Instagram Story

Even when you have Instagram Story on hold, the post will not be deleted when you return to it!

  • Zoom

This is really simple. Instead of using two fingers to zoom the screen, you only need the one.

When recording, just slide your finger up the screen.

  • Turn the Screen

If you want to turn your screen fast to catch an awesome moment on the spot, all you have to do is tap your screen twice while recording. 

  • Change stickers

Throw some variety into your Instagram Stories by changing stickers. All you have to do is tap on them and you can alter their position or color.

  • Hide hashtags

While using dozens of hashtags on a picture will benefit you with greater engagement returns, you risk sacrificing your content’s quality by spreading them all over your post. 

To hide hashtags, select the hashtag in question, highlight it as text, and move the hashtag to a background that matches its color, making it seemingly invisible.

  • Become proactive 

Be proactive on Instagram before uploading your content by searching up other profiles with similar brands and then commenting or liking their posts.

In doing so, the creators and curious fans will want to know more about why you’ve been on a liking spree and check your content. 

  • Engage with your audience

At this point, you can upload your post and spend time talking to your audience. Show them that you are a real and genuine person.

  • Make other accounts that support your own

Utilize your other Instagram accounts to support the profile that you want the most followers for. When you post an account on your main profile, switch to another account, and then comment on the main profile’s post. 

Leave an authentic response, such as commenting on something about the post that you feel particularly proud of. 

You will influence Instagram’s algorithm and increase engagement with your content.

  • Obscure hashtags in your first comment

Including dozens of hashtags in your first comment is a great way to increase engagement, however, learn how to obscure them by following these steps.

  1. Input your comment 
  2. Make five spaces, 
  3. Include a period for each line 
  4. Finally, put in your hashtags

Thus, Instagram will hide your hashtags with the […] space. 

  • Tagging

Increase your growth by involving other creators who have similar brands and tag them on your post.

  • Pile tags on top of each other

If you put too many tags, then it will look like spamming and ultimately degrade your content’s quality. 

You can get around this problem by dragging every tag and placing them in the samer corner. It will look like only one tag, which frees up space for your content to shine.

  • Edit your bio

You can also increase engagement with your audience by including specific terms in your bio that relates to your brand.If you want to discover more social media tips, updated every week with the newest insights, click here.  

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