Installing an APK File? How to Check If It’s Safe?

Sometimes you are not able to download any application from your Google Play Store due to several reasons. Thus, the best solution will be downloading the APK file of that app by using the best APK download sites available online.But, how you can check if that APK file is totally safe? We can help you out with your problem.

1#) When to download APK file?

Downloading an application from the Play Store is a fastest and the safest method for your device, but not everybody will successfully be able to install apps from the market, particularly when any users encounter such cases:

  • To install apps limited by regions or countries.
  • Google Play does not work.
  • Useapps on computer with support of the Android emulator software like Memu, KO Player,,Nox Player and others.
  • To select favorite version of the app to use and app is automatically updated with latest version.
  • Android version isn’t equivalent to an app requirement.

2#) How can you check if the APK file is safe?

Your Android device is highly vulnerable to malware and viruses whenever you download any APK files from the untrusted sites. Thus, it is very important to find the reliable source to download. Suppose you do not believe in the safety of the APK file, there are some best APK sites and tools that will help you scan & check it.

3#) Scanning an APK File

1. VirusTotal

The VirusTotalallows you to upload the APK files and check for malware and viruses or other issues. The Android files are the most popular file checked on the site. One caution is the file size needs to be below 128MB, so certain games will be very big for the tool.

Do following to use it:

  • Open the website.
  • Click over Choose File, and browser dialogue box, choose your file.
  • Click over Scan it and get the results.

This can help you to check if the APK is secure. Generally, we have seen many comments on the internet praising about VirusTotal’s effectiveness. Its aggregated data arean output of various antivirus engines, scanners, URL andfile analysis tools &user contributions.

2. NVisoAPKScan

Just like VirusTotal, even NVisoAPKScan is the best choice for scanning the APK file. It offers you with the detailed report on an APK file you have checked. Also, one benefit of the tool is it does not limit its file size and to use the NVisoAPKScan, do following steps:

Access NVISO APKScanwebsite

  • Click Choose File and select the file you wish to scan in a browser dialogue box.
  • Wait for the APK file to get uploaded and click Scan Package.

This process will take some time, depending on the position in a queue. Thus, we suggest to tick on the box “Email the results when scan completes” and fill in your email address. Result will be given on your email &you can close the window after hitting on “Scan Package” and save time.

3. Hash Droid

Last application that will help you to check the safety of your APK file is a Hash Droid app. The Hash Droid allows you to check hash of the APK file. It is important while it comes about APK files. Reason is that SHA in the file is considered as a digital fingerprint. So, by checking out SHA, you will find out if the app’s digital fingerprint matches in an APK file. Suppose they don’t match, then the APK file isn’t safe.

But, if two SHA matches, the file is said safe. If not, probably it is tampered.

  • Download Hash Droid from Play Store.
  • Comes with 2 options. Hash a Text and file. Choose Hash a File.
  • In hash a file, choose SHA-256.
  • Select and upload APK file.
  • Tap on Calculate &Compare Hashes.

Through this technique, you will be able to check APKs and see if an APK file is safe or not to download.

4#) Final Words

I hope this article was some help to you in discovering some helpful tools or sites to stay safe when sideloading applications on the Android device. If you resist installing anything off the random websites and dodgy third-party stores; stick to Play Store if possible.

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