Is a Drum Rug Worth Purchasing?

Whether you are a pro drummer or only starting your drumming career (or even hobby), in both cases, there’s some useful information you might use if you think about purchasing a drum rug. Many people think that a drum rug is needed only for making the drummer good-looking on a stage. But in fact, a drum rug serves a very important purpose. For example, it saves your floor from scratches and your ears from the complaints of angry neighbors. So, if you’re asking yourself whether you need to invest in buying a drum rug, let’s figure it out together in this guide.

What Do I Need a Drum Rug For?

Like we’ve already said, a drum rug serves a bunch of essential purposes. And saving your apartment, rehearsing studio, etc., from scratches is only one of them. Drum rugs are also used for improving your playing experience and provide overall comfort to you and your bandmates. Moreover, some modern drum rugs will make you feel like you’re a real rock star even if you’re playing only at home.

Are you tired of your neighbors’ complaints about your rehearsals? It is also a case for the drum rug to solve. Most modern drum rugs or mats are made with anti-vibration attributes, which greatly contributes to reducing the extra noise. In fact, the list of drum rug advantages is huge, and we can spend a whole day talking about it. So, let’s see them in a more convenient form.

The List of the Advantages a Drum Rug Provides:

  • Reduces extra noises;
  • Prevents floor damage;
  • Prevents your drum kit from sliding;
  • Helps to reduce volume during rehearsals.

Every drummer knows that a drum kit can be noisy and ruin your playing experience. Of course, there are many reasons why your drums and cymbals can sound extra noisy. To prevent these inconveniences, professional drummers regularly examine their kits to find out about these problems beforehand. It’s no secret that the drums are a very vocal and loud instrument. The very nature of their potentially prohibitive loudness allows them to mask unexpected creaks and crackles in most performances or rehearsals. But once you try to play a real gig with microphones etc., you can see that these creaks can simply ruin your sound.

If you hear buzzing while playing 98% — or rather 99.99% — of the time, you just need to see whether your cymbals are screwed in well. A useful skill is to learn to recognize this sound and act immediately. Even that little thing will make you a better drummer. But if that’s not about cymbals, it’s probably an issue of the whole kit. Let us make it clear: when you hit the drum, the instrument makes a little movement, which causes additional sounds, therefore, providing more noise. How can you fix this? Of course, by simply buying a drum rug that fits your budget. Due to the rubber used in manufacturing these musical accessories, you will reduce the disturbing noises and make your drumming sound more clear.

Some people consider drum rugs and mats only for making a cool appearance of their drum kit. And we can’t deny that a drum kit on a rug looks good, but it’s not the main edge for buying one. While rugs can look pretty cool, they also protect the ground underneath your feet and prevent you from doing a repair. A drum mat is a versatile accessory that serves a bunch of purposes and can save you a lot of money. All you have to do is to decide whether you’re buying one or not. If you decide to invest in a quality drum rug, your next step is to learn how to choose one.

How to Choose a Drum Rug

An essential thing to consider when buying a quality drum rug is the price of the product. And this question is mostly answered by your financials. Luckily, the pricing options for the drum rugs are quite different, and everyone can find one that will fulfill their requirements. Keep in mind that a higher price doesn’t always indicate a top-notch material and quality since the main purpose of all types of rugs is the same. So, decide which drum mat is best for you based on how you will use it. But don’t waste money unnecessarily and don’t exceed your budget for it. Drum rugs can be brandy or not, and the brands that you don’t know can also provide reliable materials and decent quality.

Drum rugs can be made from different fabrics and come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Most often, these products are offered in a rectangular or square shape. However, there are exceptions, as well. Sometimes, you can find models of oval, round, and semicircular shapes. The choice is really big, so I believe you can find the one you like.

Talking about the materials, there are mostly synthetic fabrics used for making drum mats. For example, manufacturers use polyester, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, and other artificial materials and fibers. They are durable and relatively cheap compared to natural fabrics. In addition, such products are quite easy to clean from dirt and do not require particularly careful handling. Some rug models also come with a convenient case for easy transportation of the product wherever you need it.

Summing up the Thoughts

To conclude all of the written above, a drum rug is worth the investment as it contributes to your playing experience. Investing in a quality drum rug can save you from spending a lot more on a drum piece replacement or doing a whole apartment repair. Moreover, a drum rug is actually a rather cheap way to protect your drumming kit from quick spoiling. Keep in mind that the purpose of usage of a drum mat is more important than its price. You have to make sure that the product you’re buying has the characteristics that will totally solve the issue you’re struggling with.

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