Is Email Marketing Still Effective in 2020?

With the rise of social media and other online platforms, you might wonder whether ‘traditional’ email marketing still has a place in a new decade dominated by digital advances.

Email can actually be more effective than other advertising means. Perhaps you’re looking to grow your business’ online presence. Why not make a website for free and combine it with email marketing? This is how you promote your company to the virtual world without spending a cent.

Here’s a closer look at the efficacy of email marketing in 2020—and beyond—as well as some tips on how to maximize this tool.

1. It Addresses Your Audience

You can directly target your desired market through email marketing. By controlling who sees your content, you can correctly pick where to advertise and who to approach to gain the interest of possible clients.

Knowing your target market’s needs and what they’re lacking helps you pinpoint your mailing list to reach a particular age group, field, or region. Add a link to your website in the message section, and you instantly get more traffic!

2. It Builds Your Brand

If you consistently send email updates about your products or services to your target audience, they’ll start recognizing and remembering your brand & business. The next time they require what you offer or are asked to recommend a company, yours will come to mind.

3. It Doesn’t Break the Bank

Statistics predict that in 2022 the number of emails sent and received globally will rise to a massive 347 billion. This proves that email is still a convenient and prompt means of communication.

Email marketing avoids postage, printing, or online ad space. Because you’re saving on what you’d normally pay on these other forms of advertising, it’s an affordable and quick way to promote your company.

4. It Shows You Statistics

Your ultimate goal is to make your email marketing attractive enough to get your desired response. Many email marketing platforms allow you to check how many times people open or click through its content—or send it straight to the bin. As you determine the fruitfulness of your marketing campaigns, you’ll know what to change to improve.

How to Make Email Marketing Work for You in 2020

The number of worldwide email users is expected to increase to a whopping 4.4 billion by 2023. To maintain the interest of a large pool of potential customers, here are four helpful tips. Implement these in your own email marketing tactics for 2020 onwards.

Keep it Personal

By sending personal messages to your potential customers, they’re more likely to read your email. Instead of disregarding a vague ‘mass’ email, they might be compelled to open it up or keep scrolling through its content to read more. Address it specifically to them, and you’ll grab their attention.

Make it Mobile Friendly

More and more people have email access on their mobile phones, so your email marketing drive needs to be compatible with such devices. Make sure your email content doesn’t take too long to download, is viewable on a mobile screen, and includes mobile-friendly features, such as buttons, for easy access to your marketing information.

Say More with Less

Because people are bombarded with dozens—or even hundreds—of emails daily, the last thing they want is to be overwhelmed with reams of unsolicited content. Keep it short and to the point & you’ll catch the eye of the email user. It all starts with the subject line: what can you say that will make them want to open your email?

Use Social Media

If you can’t beat them, join them! You can benefit from social media and combine your email marketing with links to your Facebook or Instagram pages. Also, keep your email content interactive with photos and videos & use these to strengthen your strategy.


It seems email marketing isn’t dying out but instead is very much alive. It’s continuing to be an active, powerful communication and promotional approach for today’s time. How can you use it to your advantage?

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