Is living in New York really worth it?

Living in a metropolitan city is always a charm due to all the lifestyle opportunities and perks it brings along with it. New York City is among the most exciting cities in the world of today and there are several reasons which attribute to that. Yes, the media does play a massive role in ensuring its charm and likability but beyond that when we dwell deep into the various aspects that make it what it is, we can actually observe that the notion isn’t that far fetched. To further our claim, let us list down some important highlights that can help establish New York City as one of the best places to dwell in.

  • Loads of cultural diversity

New York City welcomes people from every culture and background with open arms. This is precisely the reason why you get to flavor a bit of every culture that can be tasted through the street food, movies, art displays and so much more. The city speaks more than 200 languages and dialects and a little less than half of the entire population of NYC was born outside the States. You can also indulge your taste buds in lavish cuisines from all over the globe that are scrumptious and  This makes NY city a metropolitan like no other where the entire air and aura gives you a welcoming feel.

  • Necessary urbanization

NY city is among the epitomes of modern urbanization. Being a part of the city, you have access to every facility technology has to offer at the most competitive rates. Take internet options for instance, since top providers like Spectrum and AT&T offer you speed up to 1 Gig that allows you to experience the digital world like never before. This is precisely the reason why these are considered as being the best internet providers in NYC. Similarly, New York cable services offer you comprehensive channels packages to keep you entertained and informed through and through. These are just a couple of examples though and you can be sure to get the best of every technology science has to offer with easy access in NY city.

  • The city that never sleeps

New York is among that first city that comes to mind when we talk about an interesting nightlife. Living in NY, you never have to worry about feeling bored at night since the city never sleeps. Starting from the night food, to the street stalls and all the way to crazy dancing at the clubs, you literally have everything to keep you entertained during the nights.

  • Strong sense of community

When people from various backgrounds get together, this naturally creates a community. The sense of community in the people of NY City is quite evident and strong. You can always find people to socialize and interact within NY and therefore harness a sense of belonging within the community and the city as a whole.

  • Events to keep you entertained

Being a metropolitan hub, you can expect a lot from NY city in terms of events and entertainment. A large number of concerts are held in the city on a routine basis and people living there absolutely love it. People living in metropolitan hubs tend to be financially successful and this increased buying power attracts major art displays as well. Broadway shows are another major attraction in the city which the masses thoroughly enjoy.

  • Final thoughts

All these are positive highlights of NY city in general. That being said, like every place in the world, New York also comes with its downsides and a major one related to this city is that transportation can become quite a nuisance at times. The MTA transport system in NY city often ends up crashing, due to which taxis and services like Uber have become a necessary burden. This basically means that you will have to be spending majorly on transportation expenses if you wish to move around the city a lot. On top of this, the city itself is quite large so naturally as the distances increase, so does the relevant fares.

All things considered, NY city is indeed a charming place. the urban environment is its culture which might be an attraction to some while others can get uneasy of it. Therefore, it depends on your preferences. We wish you the best of time spent and life lived in New York City. Oh and expect a lot of happenings around you!

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